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Daily Update for September 3, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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OpenFeint developer aims for a hardcore audience with Fates Forever MOBA

Jason Citron is a true veteran of iOS gaming. He was one of the two developers behind Aurora Feint, and later vaulted it up to the huge social network that OpenFeint became. Now, Citron is back to making games with a new company called Hammer & Chisel (formerly Phoenix Guild), and he's jus...

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Firefox 9.0 offers Mac OS X Lion gesture support

Firefox 9 is out now (the public page hasn't been updated yet as of this writing, but the build is available from official links already), and while that in itself isn't really big news (the uberpopular browser updates all the time, and plenty of people have already chosen to use Chrome or anot...

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Google Chrome team working on multi-touch gestures

Google has released a new developer build of Chrome that fixes some of the browser navigation gestures that were disrupted with the release of Lion. On pre-Lion systems, a three-finger swipe inside of Chrome would move the user a page forwards or backwards in their web browsing history. Under Lio...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: BetterSnapTool

If there's one good thing that Windows 7 users have built-in that Mac users don't, it's window snapping. In Windows 7 you can drag a window to the top of the screen to maximize it, or to the left or right side of the screen to make it fill half the display. BetterSnapTool is window snapping f...

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Want new gesture controls in iOS 4.3 on your iPad? Here's how

During one of the betas for iOS 4.3 we saw new gestures enabled (like pinch to go to the Home screen). They were later removed, but it appears they can be re-enabled by turning your iPad into an iOS developer iPad. It's easy -- apparently all you have to do is pay $4.99 in the Mac App Store for...

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iPhoto 101: Use two fingers to crop and rotate photos

Here's an interesting feature of iPhoto that I'd never heard of before, courtesy of Mac OS X Hints. While using Edit mode in the app, you can drag two fingers on your MacBook's touchpad (or your Magic Trackpad) to control the various edits with better precision than just dragging around a mouse...

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Apple patent shows new "smart bezel" for tablets

An Apple patent was published this week that details a touch sensitive, smart bezel for its tablet devices. The bezel would include touch sensors, pressure sensors, light emitters, haptic actuators and accelerometers. With this array of embedded sensors, a user could touch the bezel and control vol...

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Adobe's Packager to be updated for iPad support

Adobe is reportedly working to update its Packager for iPhone and will launch it in a new version of the popular Adobe Creative Suite bundle. Packager for iPhone is a utility included in Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and the Adobe AIR SDK that lets developers export their Flash-based applications to ...

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iPad multi-touch gestures will be withheld from iOS 4.3

There's bad news for those anticipating multi-touch gestures in iOS 4.3. It seems that the feature won't be a part of the public release. Engadget and others have confirmed that the feature is just a developer preview, so no ninja-level pinching and swiping for us normals. That's unfortunate, as ...

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Apple patent describes touch gestures on iPod nano

Could "no-look" touch gestures be coming soon to the iPod nano? Recently discovered by ipodnn, a 2009 patent application by Apple shows that it is looking into letting users control their devices using no-look gestures that only require a touch-sensitive surface, like a trackpad, and not necessarily...

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BBEdit 9.5.1 out now

You lousy kids, with your iPhones and iPads and iGadgets! Back in my day, we worked on real computers, with real keyboards, and mice with one button, and we liked it! BBEdit is a relative relic of that age -- when text ruled the Earth, BBEdit ruled text. And the old Mac app is still being updated. ...

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Apple patents multitouch gestures

Patently Apple reports that Apple has picked up a major patent from the USPTO for a long list of mutitouch gestures. The gestures all involve moving two or more fingers on a multitouch surface, and cover everything from cut and copy shortcuts to global search and find and replace motions. I'm sure ...

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Inertial scrolling should be possible on all multi-touch trackpads

A new feature called "inertial scrolling" has been introduced in the latest MacBook Pros. This feature changes the way that scrolling functions in OS X, making it behave more like the iPhone. Traditionally, when you use two-finger scrolling in OS X, scrolling stops dead as soon as your fingers stop ...

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Battle of Puppets brings the fight to the marionette stage

Battle of Puppets fell through the cracks here when it was first released, and that was unfortunate -- it's a 2D real-time strategy game for the iPhone with a distinctive art style and a plethora of cool features that definitely deserves a look. The team has been updating the app often, and the l...

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