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32 GB versus 32GB: Almost everyone is writing it wrong

Fair warning, dear reader: this may be the most pedantic post in the history of TUAW. Maybe in history, period. But I can't help it: someone is wrong on the internet. Here's a fun trick. Go to the Apple menu on your Mac and select "About This Mac." A little window will come up listing your processor...

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Driver updates for charging iPad on PCs

If you're one of the many iPad customers having issues with charging, there may be relief in sight. A few popular PC motherboard manufacturers have released new drivers for their mobos that supposedly enable (or help with) iPad charging. If you have an ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI motherboard, you can ...

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360iDev: Saurik on the mobile application market

Jay "Saurik" Freeman took the stage here at 360iDev last night to explain the mobile application marketplace. The entire mobile application marketplace, that is. Most people wrongly perceive the App Store to be a simple user-and-developer relationship, but in reality, it's a much more complicated p...

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Snow Leopard: The new one gigabyte, now slimmer than before

We've gotten more than a few emails over the past 24 hours ruminating over how Snow Leopard has changed the way that file and drive sizes are calculated. It's been traumatic for some, having a psychological effect similar to Pluto losing its status as a full-fledged planet. A great post over at M...

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