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Tim Cook focuses on charity during Town Hall meeting

Apple held an all-employee Town Hall meeting a little while ago after the earnings call, and The Verge is reporting that Apple CEO Tim Cook took quite a bit of time during the meeting to point out Apple's charitable contributions to the world. He said that Apple has given $50 million to Stanford h...

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Apple launches charitable matching program for employees

MacRumors has confirmed that Apple has instituted a program to match its employees' charitable donations, up to US$10,000 per year. It's restricted to full-time employees in the U.S. for now, but the company hopes to expand that. Tim Cook announced the initiative to Apple's employees earlier to...

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Hit the iPhone snooze button and help charity

There's no shortage of interesting and creative iOS apps and Snooze is one of them. It's an alarm clock app developed by Letgive, a charitable donation company. The app lets you set an alarm and will donate money (US$0.25) to one of Letgive's non-profit organizations each time you press the sno...

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Zynga, Ngmoco donating to Japan through iOS games

Giant gaming company Zynga has joined the Japanese relief effort by enabling in-game donations in FrontierVille, FarmVille, CityVille and other games. A full 100 percent of the virtual goods' purchase prices will be donated to Tsunami relief, and Zynga is partnering with the Save the Children to ...

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SEC forms show Apple execs donated $3 million in 2010

A few Securities and Exchange Commission forms filed this week show that Apple executives gave shares of Apple stock to various charities right around mid-December. The stocks added up to a value of about three million dollars across the four executives that gave. Unfortunately, none of the chariti...

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Worst. iPod. Accessories. Ever

Podcasting news has put together a helpful guide to the most impossibly bad iPod accessories. These include the "Rock My Teeth" tooth whitening appliance shown here as well as the Griffin iBeam--perfect for frying your retinas, and the iFrogz Tadpole case that allows your toddlers to throw their iPo...

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Ten donationware programs that are worth your money

It's the givingest time of the year, so if you're in the mood to be generous, why not donate to some of the best and most useful Mac software projects. Programs like VLC, Cyberduck, Adium and Handbrake all allow you to donate money to support the continued software development effort. Weblog Fairly...

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