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San Jose court: iPhone owners can't sue over broken glass

In a victory for common sense, US District Judge Edward Davila threw out a class action lawsuit from a group of iPhone 4 owners claiming that Apple misrepresented the strength of the glass materials used in the phone. California resident Betsalel Williamson started the lawsuit after he knocke...

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Nokia goes after iPhone, Android in ads

Nokia is ramping up for the launch of its flagship Lumia 900 on April 8. As part of an advertising push, the Finnish company released a series of YouTube videos that target the iPhone and Android. The ads take on the "fragile" glass design of the iPhone, the iPhone's "death grip" antenna cont...

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Octogenarian suing Apple after walking into glass door at Apple Store

Those glass walls and doors at Apple Stores can be a hazard. Although the company installed white "crash graphics" (see photo above) on the glass walls and doors of many stores last year to prevent such an occurrence, 83 year-old Evelyn Paswell walked into the doors of the Apple Store Manhasset...

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Apple, Steve Jobs win patents for Shanghai Apple Store design

Apple is constantly adding patents to its portfolio of intellectual property, many of which are not directly associated with the design or operation of the consumer electronics products the company makes. Patently Apple reported today on a patent awarded to the company and late founder and CEO ...

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Apple reveals new glass cube at 5th Avenue Apple Store

The revamped glass cube entrance of New York City's 5th Avenue Apple Store has been revealed. While the store didn't officially open until 10:00 AM Eastern time, work was finished on the cube earlier this morning, revealing the new, streamlined structure. According to the store's web page, it c...

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5th Avenue Apple Store new glass unloading: Video and pics

As astute TUAW readers know, the flagship 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City is being renovated. The glass cube is being rebuilt, this time out of 15 huge panes of glass instead of the 90 that were in place. While construction is going on, the store is still open 24/7. One of our readers...

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Flex testing iPad glass

The folks at iFixYouri had some glass panels from an iPad 1 and an iPad 2 laying around the shop and did some informal tests to see which panel would break under stress. An earlier analysis by iFixit revealed the glass in the iPad 2 was 27% thinner than the iPad 1. The California repair company...

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Could future iPhones charge with the power of the sun?

Mark Spoonauer at LAPTOP got a nice story at CTIA today when he sat down with French company Wysips. The prototype he saw puts a solar panel -- a transparent solar panel, thin enough to work with touchscreens -- directly atop the screen of a phone, and with enough oomph to charge the phone with li...

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iPhone 4 glass spawns class action lawsuit

Apple faces a class action lawsuit from California resident Donald LeBuhn over the glass used in the company's popular iPhone 4 handset. LeBuhn accuses Apple of misleading customers by pointing to Apple's website, which boasts that the glass used on the iPhone 4 is "20 times stiffer and 30 times har...

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Are higher iPhone 4 accident rates really something to worry about?

A report that surfaced from SquareTrade a couple days ago claims that accident rates are higher on the iPhone 4 than its 3GS sibling. SquareTrade says that in the first four months of the iPhone 4 being out in the wild, there is an 82 6 percent increase in reported broken screens over the rate...

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iPad used for 3D effect

This is really wild -- Japan's Aircord lab has used the iPad to create a 3D effect, but not what you'd think, with the standard glasses and views. Instead, the iPad is used to project a set of three images onto a specially-coated glass pyramid, which then reflects the three video images in all dire...

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Wrap your iPhone 4 in Swarovski crystals

Now that Apple has all but confirmed that the iPhone 4 needs a case to work correctly, you might as well go as over-the-top as possible, right? Enter this Swarovski crystal case from Caze -- over 1500 Swarovski glass crystals covering every part of the iPhone's sides and back, encircling your hands...

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Jonathan Ive on Apple's material obsessions

Core77 had a chat with Apple's Jonathan Ive about the iPhone 4 and the materials that it's made out of, and Ive says that the process is very holistic; Apple has really gone from start to finish with the types of metal and glass that make up the latest iPhone, and they've worked at every step of the...

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Hands-on: Savant shows off their iPad interface

Savant AV brought their iPad road tour to a location that happens to be pretty close to me in Irvine, California. So, I headed down there to take a look at their brand new iPad app, an interface for wirelessly controlling their high-end home automation systems. The company helps dealers put togethe...

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iPhone vs. gravity is no contest

Apple's MagSafe power cords have probably saved thousands of laptops from untimely impacts -- too bad there's no such insurance policy for the iPhone. Brett Peters' phone had an unfortunate encounter with his young son and moments later, with the floor, and the result is as you see above. While the...

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