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Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves keeps you hands looking good, warm this winter

Knitted touchscreen gloves have been around for a while now. I use a pair every winter so I can use my iPhone outside without my hands getting cold. Knitted touchscreen gloves at first seemed magical when they came out, but the engineering behind them is simple enough: Conductive threads are inter...

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Hands on with NuTouch Gloves

iPhone owners who live in cold climates have many solutions for staying warm while using their devices. I've seen gloves with metal dots on their fingers, cutoff gloves with caps that transform into mittens, and gloves with conductive fabric tips designed for use with capacitive screens. The NuTou...

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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves keep your fingers warm, useful this winter

If you are looking for a gift for an iPhone-owning friend this Christmas or just want a useful iPhone accessory for yourself, I highly recommend the Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves. There are plenty of capacitive touchscreen gloves on the market, but Mujjo's gloves are the first I've tried that have n...

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Apple awarded patent for capacitive touchscreen-friendly 'magic' gloves

Apple received a patent for a glove system that is compatible with a touchscreen. Anyone who has used an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad in a cold weather climate knows the pain of having to remove a glove to answer a call or check an email. Even thin driving gloves impede your ability to use your iOS...

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Three touchscreen-capable gloves tested

While capacitive touchscreens have a lot of wonderful qualities when it comes to precision and sensitivity, the need for skin contact can be a problem in cold climates. MobileBurn has tried out three different solutions that help protect your digits from frigid air while still letting you manipulat...

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Use your iPhone and keep your hands warm

With the first day of Autumn on Monday, cold weather is just around the corner for much of the northern hemisphere. But don't worry, you can still wear gloves and use your iPhone with Dots Gloves. Dots Gloves include a little metal button at the fingertip that allows you to use the multitouch scree...

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iGlove Multi iPod gloves

We've mentioned the Tavo iPod gloves before, but if you want something a little bulkier - and warmer, from the looks of them, check out the iGlove Multi from Marmot. The iGlove Multi (we're really not sure what the "multi" is supposed to mean) is a pair of fleece gloves that are "Click Wheel compati...

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iPod Gloves

Just yesterday morning I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't control the dial on my iPod through my nice cashmere-lined, leather gloves which keep my mitts warm during the winter commute. Today, I log in to the Internets, and the Internets provides a solution: iPod gloves. They're ugly and much m...

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