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How to turn off the new Gmail option that allows Google+ strangers to send you emails

Yesterday, Google unveiled a controversial new feature for Gmail and Google+ users -- anyone with a Google+ account can send an email to your Gmail account, even if they don't have your email address. No more hiding behind your email -- if your name is attached to a Gmail and Google+ account, then...

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Talkcast tonight: Splicing in a G+ Hangout with our bare hands

As fond as we are of Talkshoe round here, there are some challenges and limitations on the podcast platform. Listeners know we're casting about for some new solutions that will keep the fun and spontaneity of the Talkcast we know and love, while improving audio quality and reliability. Tonight, ...

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Google+ app updated with iPad support

Not to be outdone by Twitter's big update today, Google has also updated its Google+ app, with support for the recent Google+ Events feature, full support for usage on the iPad, and the ability to start and join hangouts directly from the iOS interface. It's pretty snazzy -- if you're a Google+...

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Best of 2011 nominations: iPhone social networking apps

During December and January, The Unofficial Apple Weblog is soliciting your nominations and votes for the best products for Mac, iPhone/iPod touch, and iPad. We'll start with nominations in a category, and then tally your votes for the top-nominated products a few days later. The winner in each c...

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Google: iOS Google+ hangouts "coming soon"

Google is pushing out a significant update to its Google+ social network that will improve both its website and mobile versions. For iOS users, the Google+ app is getting Hangout support. Similar to Facetime and Skype, hangouts will let users chat with their friends using the front-facing camer...

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Google+ iOS app now compatible with iPad

Last June when Google started rolling out its new Facebook challenger, Google+, it didn't take long for the company to release an iPhone app. However, that iPhone app couldn't run on an iPod touch or an iPad. That's been rectified now as today Google has updated the Google+ iOS app to bring sup...

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Bill Atkinson part of the Google+ team (Updated: Apparently not)

Update: The San Jose Mercury News got this one wrong and the info has been redacted in their original story. While Mr. Atkinson is a user, he's not a part of Google's team. Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention and Mike Swift for the correction. Bill Atkinson, the developer o...

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Google+ iPhone app now available on App Store (updated)

The Google Plus social network has kicked into high gear, despite a limited number of available invites over the first few weeks. Starting today it's even easier for iOS users to share with Circles, follow a Stream or do rapid-fire messaging with a Huddle: the iPhone app for Google+ is now in the...

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Google+ design credited to original Macintosh team member Andy Hertzfeld

You may have heard about Google+, the hot new sharing product from Google that went official today, and it sounds cool (sounds cool, but remember how cool Wave and Buzz sounded? Let's just say we're reserving excitement so far). But one exciting thing about the new project is how cool and smo...

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