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New Mobile Google Calendar on the iPhone too

Hot on the heels of the new version of Gmail Mobile for the iPhone comes a new mobile version of Google Calendar leveraging some of the same technology. The previous iteration was frustratingly feature-poor, allowing you only to view your appointments and add new ones using a natural language interf...

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BusySync 2.0 Public Beta

The BusySync 2.0 public beta is now open. We've blogged about BusySync 2.0 before (and we even managed to snag an interview with the developer during Macworld this year), so no doubt you are aware of the big ticket item: bidirectional syncing between iCal and Google Calendar. When BusySync 2.0 leav...

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Show floor video: BusySync

BusyMac had a good thing going with BusySync 1 and 1.5: seamlessly share and edit calendar info across your home or business LAN using iCal. Version 2 (due next month) features sync via the cloud-- so you can sync a work and home computer, even if you don't work at home. There's also Google Calenda...

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Google calendar receives an iPhone makeover

Google has released their iPhone makeover for Google Calendar. It's pretty nice. Simply point your iPhone to calendar.google.com and sign in. You'll see each of your color-coded calendars displayed in a iPhone-friendly layout. Touch any day to view its details, and move from day to day with the nav...

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