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Chrome for Mac due in December?

I sure thought Google Chrome was already out for Mac, but apparently that was just a developer preview -- they haven't yet done an official release (it's been a tough road to travel, I guess). But the wait is almost over, according to Mashable. They've spotted a message on a developer list that h...

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Google Chrome run natively (most of it, anyway)

After much lamenting and a few attempts, Google Chrome can finally be run natively in OS X. Kind of. Don't get us wrong, it works: it starts up fast and runs one process per window, just like the Windows version. But there are a few glaring holes, the lack of plugins (and therefore Flash, which me...

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Gears comes to Safari

Even though Google Chrome is still only available for Windows, its WebKit roots mean that Safari for Mac users might still get some extra perks. Gears, Google's web API that lets developers create applications that can run offline, is one of those perks. Previously, Gears was only available for Fire...

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Chrome features are coming to WebKit

Although Google's Chrome browser is currently only available to Windows users (unless you are running an Intel-based Mac and VMWare Fusion or Parallels), its WebKit underpinnings mean that Safari, and other WebKit-based browsers, can benefit from Google's code. One of the larger innovations of Goog...

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