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AT&T's GoPhone prepaid brand to fully support iPhone

AT&T's prepay GoPhone service is to include an iPhone purchase option as of today. The service will also gain the addition of 4G LTE and HSPA+ support, according to MacRumors. GoPhone lets users sign up for AT&T service without joining a contract. Previously, iPhone owners could sign up fo...

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International iPhone users: bringing your iPhone to the States? Your options are limited.

The iPhone seems like it should be the perfect companion for the international traveler. Not only can it make phone calls in pretty much any country, it can also help keep you entertained on long flights. You can even use it to hold your flight itinerary and other important info like hotel and car r...

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Confirmed: GoPhone is No Go and in-store Activation only

It isn't the news we were hoping for after Scott posted earlier. Mark Siegel of AT&T public relations has now officially confirmed that AT&T will not offer GoPhone plans for the 3G iPhone and that activation will take place in-store only....

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iPhone + Disposable Cellphone + Prepaid Cards + New Activation Tool = Holy Cow

Holy cow. Those guys at fusion.osx86.hu/#iphone are geniuses. Late yesterday, I downloaded a copy of iASign, their new iPhone activation tool. Right now, at this second, my iPhone just made its first call using the SIM from my disposable Cingular phone with its $10 card. After, I dialed *777# and i...

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GoPhones are no go for iPhone upgrades

It sounded good. Buy an inexpensive GoPhone and transfer service to an iPhone, add the $20/month data plan and save roughly a thousand dollars over the two-year contract period. Things that sound good are often too good to be true. This was. Today, AT&T officially announced that GoPhones are no...

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