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Create GrabUp-style functionality with Dropbox and Jing

Before Snow Leopard was released, we were enjoying GrabUp for super-simple sharing of screenshots. It was a great little utility: After a brief setup, it automatically sent any screenshot to its servers (or your own) and added the resulting URL to the Clipboard. It was fast and very useful. Snow ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Snow Leopard killed GrabUp, Auntie fixes it

Dear Auntie TUAW, I love GrabUp. GrabUp is my BFF. It automatically uploads my screen shots to the GrabUp web site and copies the URL to my clipboard. If GrabUp were a girl, I'd marry her like *snap* that. But Snow Leopard has killed GrabUp. It doesn't work. My darling is dead. I tried TinyGrab as w...

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GrabUp is an interesting little app that adds a new wrinkle to OS X's built in screen capturing functionality. When you install the prefpane, it allows you to add the GrabUp menu item to your menu bar. GrabUp just sits waiting for you to invoke it (by hitting Shift - Command - 4). Once you hit the ...

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