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Daily iPad App: Grand Theft Auto 3

I'm not quite willing to call Grand Theft Auto 3 old school -- I spent so much time on the original top-down versions of the series that those are still more retro to me than the fully 3D graphics and living, open-world city that GTA3 made famous on the consoles (a tradition that continues righ...

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Grand Theft Auto 3's Anniversary Edition arrives December 15

That anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto 3 for iOS has been dated: You'll be able to rejoin the streets of Liberty City on your iPad and iPhone next week, on December 15. Rockstar will be releasing the game for both iOS and Android, and you can see a picture of the game's touchscreen contro...

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Grand Theft Auto 3, Burnout Crash, new PopCap title coming to iOS

This week not only brought iOS 5 to us, but it also brought a number of solid releases on the App Store (including the great Scribblenauts Remix). We're far from done, however: A few different big gaming companies have announced some really high profile iOS releases still coming later on this y...

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