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Asymco graphs Apple's distinctive growth curve and longevity

Look at the major PC vendors in the 1970s, then look at the same industry today. You'll find only one name common to both periods: Apple. The company's competitors from the early days of the PC industry have all either gone out of business, been absorbed into other companies, or shifted focus to o...

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Asymco graphs Apple's performance under Steve Jobs

Asymco always has great graphical analysis of Apple's performance, and the site's latest is no exception. Dirk Schmidt has analyzed Apple's market cap during the Steve Jobs era, and the graphs show just how dramatic Apple's turnaround was during Jobs's time as CEO. At the beginning of Jobs's ten...

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iDevices making up more and more of Apple's revenue

Apple held their latest earnings call this past week, which means we're right in the middle of a flood of analysts' charts and graphs about how well they're doing. This one's extra interesting, though -- we've talked before on this site about Apple's interesting position between its past of PCs and...

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Tracking the iPhone hype generator

Fortune's Apple 2.0 got a nice little graph up of just where and when the iPhone's hype machine went into overdrive. There's no question it was a gigantic brand last year, but what's interesting is just how manufactured and "by design" each of those spikes are. B on the chart above is the actual iP...

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This graph goes to 2 billion

So about a year ago we posted a graph by Mad Dog in the Fog showing the meteoric rise in iTunes sales. At that time, iTMS (as it was called back then) had busted the 1 billion mark. Now there's another graph showing that super-dee-duper TWO billion mark. What a difference a year makes. Well, almost ...

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iTunes Music Store downloads graphed

Mad Dog in the the Fog has created this very cool graph that plots the number of downloads from the iTMS versus the number of weeks that it has been around. That's some impressive growth, folks. [via Digg]...

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