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Tag: graphics

MyLock creates attractive lock screens for your iOS device

There are many apps that let you create a custom lock screen, and occasionally I like to see what's new in the category. One notable app is MyLock (free with an-app purchases). It provides photos and graphics for your use, or you can use anything on your camera roll. There are also themes, which ar...

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Halftone 2 adds video and sound to an already great app

We've looked at the Halftone comic book creator app in the past, and our reviewers have always liked its many capabilities. A new version, a major update to Halftone 2 (US$1.99) is out today, with many increased capabilities including video export at 720p, sound effects for each panel, new effects a...

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Sketch 3 makes a great design tool even better

If you're a designer type, you've probably heard about Sketch. It's an ambitious attempt (by a team of just four people) to produce a vector drawing application that can make the Adobe Creative Suite a moot point for most designers. That's not their mission statement, but they've created a tool that...

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Review: Animation Desk for iPad

This app goes in the "I can't believe you can do this on a iPad" category. Animation Desk (U.S. $4.99) lets you create freehand animations using a generous set of drawing tools and brushes. If you have any artistic ability at all, you can create animations that look professional. The interface Anima...

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Mac App of the Week: Hype 2.0 is a solid WYSIWYG tool for HTML5 animation and interactive graphics

When I made the transition from print designer to web producer in January, I wanted to make my graphic designing skills with me., my day job, utilizes HTML5 to make the site desktop- and mobile-friendly and steers clear of Flash. While I knew some coding, I didn't know enough to create ...

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Create unique slideshows with ScatterShow for Mac

Apple's iPhoto app has some very basic slideshow features built in. Sure, you can apply the Ken Burns effect all day long, and even save your slideshows as screen savers. But if you are bored by iPhoto's simple dissolves, pans and wipes, it's time to check out ScatterShow (US$29.99) from Smith Mic...

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Screenshot FX will easily capture any image on your Mac

OS X has a built-in screen capture function, but it is pretty limited. For example, Command-Shift-4 lets you define a rectangle to capture. Command-Shift-4 followed by the space bar will capture a window. You can also capture your entire desktop with Command-Shift-3, and other commands will save t...

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New Prince of Persia on the way to iOS this summer

Here's a nice blast from the past: Ubisoft has announced new Prince of Persia game, which is a remake of the second title in the series, made specifically for smartphones and tablets. Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame is being remade as a 2.5D action title -- it seems to feature the sa...

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Daily iPhone App: QuestLord is a retro RPG trip back in time

A lot of apps these days show that developers are always thinking about what they can do in a new way: How can we change up controls for a touchscreen device, or use the power of the iPhone to create a new experience? QuestLord, however, is very decidedly old school. It's an RPG from the first-...

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Create Retina-ready graphics for your website

If you're looking for something to do this weekend that doesn't involve fighting your way through massive crowds of holiday shoppers, you can work on bumping the graphics on your website up to Retina quality. Designer Chris Spooner took a look at his statistics and discovered that a good numb...

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Makers of PaintCode open CodeAutomat service, for turning SVGs into code

I'm currently working on developing an iOS app in conjunction with a graphic designer, and because my design skills are pretty terrible, we set out to look for a solution to turn the scalable vector graphics (SVGs) he's designed into Objective-C code snippets I can insert directly in the app. T...

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PIxelmator 2.1 offers Retina and iCloud support, more

Pixelmator has always been popular for the not-quite-ready-for-the-expense-of-Photoshop crowd. The image manipulation/retouching app for Mac is powerful, works well, and is good competition for applications like Photoshop Elements. Pixelmator 2.1 has just been released, and at a very attractive...

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Big updates for Fairway Solitaire and Junk Jack

Two of my favorite iOS games from the last few years have gotten big updates today. Fairway Solitaire is a really brilliant puzzle/card game that combines golf and solitaire in a fun way, and it's gotten a big update that adds a whole bunch of ongoing content. The game now has a "Daily Mode" wh...

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Temple Run breaks 100 million downloads

There's big news from Imangi Software, the husband-and-wife team behind the breakout iOS hit Temple Run. The game has picked up 100 million downloads in within a year on the App Store. The team has a lot to show for it, like a long time on the Top Free apps chart, plenty of microtransactions ...

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Cocos2D 2.0 available now

After months of testing, the team behind the latest version of the extremely popular Cocos2D game engine for iOS has released version 2.0 of the framework, and it's available for download right now. The framework isn't completely compatible with version 1.0, so devs currently using the previous...

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