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Greensboro store opening draws cheering crowds

After extended delays and much anticipation, the Greensboro, NC Apple Store at Friendly Center finally opened its doors yesterday to paying customers. The photo here is courtesy of the Iconfactory's Talos Tsui, who appears momentarily in this local news coverage from prior to the store open; unfort...

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Greensboro, NC Apple Store set to open this weekend

We've been waiting for this opening for a long time. Way back in July, we posted a photo of what (we thought) was the Greensboro store. It turned out to be a Williams-Sonoma. Next the launch date got pushed back, as Apple decided to make an even larger store than what was originally planned. This t...

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Georgetown Apple Store to move forward after redesign is approved

ifoAppleStore has an update on the battle between Apple and Washington D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission: A new design for the Georgetown Apple Store is close to approval, and includes a subtle Apple logo and trees growing inside the building. The ANC's objections, ranging from rejecting an all-...

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$1.7 million for Greensboro Apple Store

I'm not exactly sure why there's so much excitement centered around the upcoming Greensboro Apple Store (my guess is it's because our friend Ged of the Iconfactory can't wait for it to open), but the excitement is there, and Ed Cone has some insight into how the store's deal got put together. Appa...

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First picture of the Greensboro, NC Apple Store under construction

North Carolinians can start to polish up their credit cards, as the long-awaited Greensboro Apple Store (to be located at The Shops at Friendly Center, a heck of a nice place to spend your money) is now underway. The Iconfactory's Ged Maheux was kind enough to send us this parking-lot snapshot of t...

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