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Report suggest half of iPads sold in China come from grey market

Apple is eyeing the Chinese market for expansion, but it has a troubling problem with grey market devices that it needs to overcome first. According to a report from a Beijing research firm, over one million iPads were sold in China during Q2 2011, but almost half of these sales came from the g...

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Apple files trademark infringement against WhiteiPhone4Now website

Apple's legal team finally caught up with Fei Lam, the teenager from New York who was selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits, and filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against him. Lam claimed to be getting white iPhone 4 parts directly from Foxconn and was reselling them on his website, white...

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iPad 2 launch: not Apple's finest hour

Jason O'Grady, writing for ZDNet's The Apple Core, penned an incisive piece on the five ways that Apple screwed up the iPad 2 launch. I agree with every point. Usually, Apple has been very good on getting information to the huddled masses waiting for the next new iThingy, but this time the comp...

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How the iPad 2's gray market works

You may have noticed, as you were queuing for your shiny new iPad 2 over the weekend, that you were surrounded by rather a lot of people of a foreign persuasion. There is, it turns out, a reason for this -- the gray market in selling iPad 2s abroad. Because the latest magical product from App...

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Foxconn denies selling white iPhone parts

Manufacturer Foxconn has denied selling white iPhone parts in a statement made through the Taiwanese stock exchange. Last August, we pointed out WhiteiPhone4Now, a website selling white iPhone conversion kits. Earlier this week, the site's owner, Fei Lam, saw his project gain the attention of a priv...

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Real white iPhone 4s supposedly sold on Chinese grey market

Website Giz-China has published photos of what appear to be genuine white iPhone 4s on sale in China. The boxes are marked with a label describing them as being "for internal use only," and certainly look more convincing than many of the knock-offs we see from that area. Prices reportedly range f...

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