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Updated Facebook app released for iPhone and iPod touch

TechCrunch reports that Mark Zuckerberg showed off the new version of his company's Facebook for iPhone app at today's Mobile Event. Facebook v3.3 adds a new Groups feature and also updates the existing Places feature. Among the improvements to Places, it will now be easier to tag your friends i...

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New Square Enix RPG coming to the iPhone this year

A job posting on a Japanese developer's site has hinted that Square Enix will be releasing a brand new RPG on the iPhone sometime later this year. Media.Vision has posted that they're seeking to fill a number of positions related to building an RPG on Apple's platform in conjunction with Square Enix...

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FlickrExport 3 teaser screencast

Fraser Speirs' FlickrExport plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture are the undisputed kings of bridging the gap between Flickr and your Mac-managed photos. The plug-ins are pretty powerful, offering a lot of strong integration with Flickr by adding photos to sets or creating new sets on the fly, as wel...

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Swift Share, Mac/PC file sharing utility, on 55% sale at MacZOT today only

Swift Share is a utility for creating and managing folders to share for both Mac OS X and Windows based machines across your network and even in remote locations. While Mac OS X allows for some limited file/folder sharing functionality via the Sharing System Preferences pane, plenty of users out t...

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Set preferred addresses for Address Book groups

Dan Moren at MacUser just removed a long-standing headache of mine and I'm sure many others by posting on the ability to specify default addresses for Address Book groups. Here's a little background if you're scratching your head: in Mail.app, you can type the name of a group to address a message to...

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Desktops of the week for 10/15/06

Here we go with another edition of TUAW Desktops ladies and gents. You readers are submitting some great stuff to our desktops Flickr group, and since our last edition was a nice overall roundup, I decided to pick a theme for this week: function. I'm a big fan of making the most out of my available ...

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TUAW Desktops of the week for 9/10/06

Being that this is the first official TUAW Desktops series roundup post, we couldn't force ourselves to chose just one. You readers have found some pretty creative uses for your desktops, and our new TUAW Desktops Flickr group is shining proof. As a result, we decided that in order to get this part...

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Announcing the new TUAW Desktops Flickr group and series

Fire up your screen capture software and keyboard shortcuts TUAW readers, as we are announcing a new Flickr group and post series titled simply: TUAW Desktops. That's right ladies and gentlemen, in addition to immortalizing you in our archives with the Rig of the Day series, we want to dive a littl...

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iTMS introduces "New Rock Revealed" weekly band explorations

The iTMS has introduced an intriguing new service called "New Rock Revealed", where one band's music will be dissected each week to find who their roots and inspirations were, as well as similar sounds you can find today. This first week looks at Pearl Jam's new album (which rocks, by the way), an...

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Two free book chapters for .Mac members

Check it out, .Mac subscribers: In the "Members Only" folder of your iDisk (that still makes me think of the jackets), you'll find two chapters of Joe Kissell's book, Take Control of .Mac.The first chapter focuses on using Mail, and is extremely thorough. Discussions include making use of ...

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Create an OPML from Safari RSS feeds

MacOSXHints has a simple trick for creating an OPML file, completely with folder structure/groups, from your RSS feeds in Safari. The tip basically involves downloading an XML stylesheet the author created, and using it in a Terminal command to generate the OPML file. I'm glad someone found a way to...

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Recipient-based Entourage email signatures with Other Signature X

Other Signature X is an applescript for Entourage 2004 that will allow you to assign signatures based on the recipient or group you're sending a message to. While I don't use Entourage myself and can't test this, it sounds like a great idea that I hope gets adopted by email apps in general. You can ...

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