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App Rewards Club reports on what going free can do for developers

App Rewards Club is an app and service put together by a few iOS developers to help their fellow app devs with user discovery on the App Store. Like the Free App a Day service, App Rewards Club highlights free apps every day, which benefits users because they can grab apps for free, and then be...

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iOS and Android make for fastest tech adoption ever

Mobile marketing and analytics firm Flurry has another great research post up, this time about the speed of adoption for both iOS and Android. This one goes a little far into comparing apples and oranges, so to speak, but it's still interesting. Flurry notes that both iOS and Android app usages...

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Trojan targets Mac-using activists in China

There's a new backdoor trojan exploit out there for Mac users that appears to originate in China, specifically targeted at political activists in the Uighur movement against that country. The trojan appears in email inboxes as a picture attachment which, when opened, secretly installs informati...

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iOS claims 65% of mobile web marketshare

NetMarketShare has released its latest report on Internet usage by mobile devices, and not only has iOS remained on top for Internet usage, but Apple's OS has grown its lead up to 65% of total mobile Internet traffic. In just the last month, usage on iOS went up by 3%, and the year-over-year fi...

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MacStories looks at four years of the App Store

It's been almost four years since Apple debuted its App Store platform for iOS (and then the Mac), and MacStories has an in-depth look back at that time. In just four short years, Apple has gone from saying that all we'd need on iOS are web apps, to a millions of dollars a year industry that su...

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Goldman Sachs sees iPad demand slowing

Almost two years after the iPad launch, Goldman Sachs reports that demand is slowing down, just as the holiday shopping season begins. "While improving holiday demand into late November could certainly push the momentum in the other direction, we believe it is prudent to assume the iPad is faci...

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Apple shares huge iPhone sales and approval numbers

Tim Cook, subdued as he is today, was probably most excited this morning when talking about just how well the iPhone has done lately. The iPhone 4 specifically, says Cook, has continued to sell like crazy, and in fact now makes up half of the sales of the iPhone in total, overcoming both the or...

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Objective-C rocketing up the TIOBE charts

The TIOBE index is a chart of what have been rated as the most popular programming languages in the world, according to various searches online, the number of experts in those languages, and even software output (though it is very certainly not a strict chart of "most lines written"). Obviously...

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Nielsen study shows climbing iPhone sales in the US

Nielsen has released the results of a new survey of mobile phone users in the US, and the word (almost) all around is growth. More and more people are buying smartphones, and while Android currently sits in the most popular smartphone spot (with 38% of smartphone owners holding Android devices)...

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Flipboard daily usage higher than ever, triples in two months

Despite losing truckloads of money, iPad magazine The Daily is apparently seeing a lot of traffic, and content aggregation app Flipboard is seeing the same trend. CEO Mike McCue says the company is seeing a huge slope upwards in traffic, with an average of 8 to 9 million "flips" (essentially pa...

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Foxconn owner reports revenue up thanks to iPad 2, other devices

Hon Hai Precision, the parent company of Foxconn, recorded an impressive revenue increase in its latest earnings report thanks to the iPad 2, the original iPad and the Kinect. According to the Taiwan Economic News, the manufacturing company reported revenue of NT$152.878 billion (about US$5.2 bil...

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Analyst: The Mac isn't done growing yet

Granted, I probably could have told you this news without hiring a think tank, but now we know for sure; there is still plenty of room for Apple to continue to grow. With Apple's market cap now larger than Walmart's and market research firm IDC reporting that growth continued to expand in 2009, this...

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iShred jumps up the charts thanks to viral video

Last Saturday, we posted this video of the band Atomic Tom singing with their iPhones on the B train over the East River. Since then, the video has gone viral, nabbing more than a million views on YouTube. But the band isn't the only group benefiting from the attention -- we heard from the develope...

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Apple market share climbs to 6.8% in Europe

Hardmac is reporting that Apple's market share in Europe has risen to 6.8%. That's not quite as high as the around 10% share for computers in the US, but it is a full two percentage points higher than it was last year. Windows still dominates in the EU, with 92% of all computers running some variat...

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Apple moves past Motorola, up to 3% global cell phone market share

Android may be moving ahead of Apple in the smartphone OS market, but Apple is steadily moving up the handset chart. It's just overtaken Motorola, shipping 8.75 million handsets in the first three months of this year, according to iSuppli. That many phones sets Apple up for three percent of the enti...

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