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Gruber: iPad 3 coming this fall?

We don't have an official announcement of the iPad 2 yet, but Daring Fireball's John Gruber is already speculating that the iPad 3 -- what he says will be a competitor to the just-announced HP TouchPad -- will be ready by fall. "If my theory is right, they're [HP] not only going to be months b...

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My top 3 iPhone apps: John Gruber

Time for this week's "Three Apps" video! We caught up with the Daring Fireball himself, John Gruber, at Macworld and asked what his favorite or most-used iPhone apps were. As a highly productive and insightful writer, his answers weren't surprising. Apps discussed: Simplenote, Instagram and Bo...

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More concerns over suicides at Foxconn

There was more bad news out of China this week -- manufacturer Foxconn (who makes quite a few parts for Apple devices) has been dealing with a rash of employee suicides, as low pay and long hours on the workers seems to be taking their toll. Yesterday, another worker reportedly tried to take his own...

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Apple tablet team in a "cone of silence", 10.7 to be previewed

Electronista summarizes John Gruber's report that a "cone of silence" exists surrounding those developing the tablet and virtually no information comes from those directly involved. Many of the tablet team are reportedly the same as those that developed the Calendar, Mail, and Safari iPhone apps &nd...

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New Macs, something else tomorrow?

Engadget is the latest to report a rumor that's been circulating for months: tomorrow may be the day that we finally see those new Macs we've been waiting on. John Gruber claims we're going to see new MacBooks and iMacs (which we'll rate as "expected"), updated Mac minis (wouldn't be a huge surpris...

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Palm and Verizon looking to take shine off Apple and AT&T

In a minefield of failed "iPhone killers" one is making some headway on fulfilling that murderous promise: the Palm Pre. Perhaps it's no surprise: the Palm Pre was conceived by a team that includes plenty of Apple alumni, including Jon Rubenstein, who was made Palm's CEO yesterday to replace Ed Coll...

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TUAW 2016

Good afternoon, and welcome to your daily brainload from TUAW, a division of Weblogs, Inc. owned by Comcast Online. Please make sure the neural connector is clicked in all the way, and then think "Start" when you are ready. Steve Jobs returns to Apple's Board of Directors after stint at GM Steve Job...

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Tabs in the title bar: a UI design trend that needs to go

Safari 4 Beta's new tab arrangement has me bothered. It seems to be largely lifted from Chrome's user interface that puts the tabs at the very top of the window. Not only is this a departure from Apple's typical UI choices, it presents problems for users with special needs. On your average Apple us...

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'Marble' to be the next look-and-feel for Mac OS X?

Snow Leopard, the next major version of Mac OS X, will include minor tweaks to the user interface, according to MacRumors' Arnold Kim. "The new theme will likely involve tweaks to the existing design and perhaps a 'flattening' of Aqua in-line with Apple's iTunes and iPhoto interface elements," Kim ...

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Dell comments on Apple's green commitment, TUAW translates from PR-speak to English

Dell executive Bob Pearson decided to comment on Apple's "green" ad campaign. It was hard to understand. We were confused. Fortunately, Robert was nice enough to translate. The original post, on Dell's site, is here. "Several Dell folks were surprised and perplexed to see Apple's new 'green' MacBook...

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Could Apple be eyeballing CES? Probably not

After news of Apple's decision to pull out of Macworld, many tech writers are wondering if Apple isn't considering participation in the Consumer Electronics Show, typically held around the same time as Macworld, in Las Vegas. Most seem to be asking vague questions about what would happen if Apple de...

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'I Am Rich' makes author exactly that, does little else

Got a cool grand to burn? Before you think about buying the brand-new app I Am Rich, there are a few charities I'd hope you consider. But if you truly have that kind of money to spend, you can buy an app that touts itself as "a work of art with no hidden function at all." I Am Rich sells for $999.9...

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Poll: iPhone SDK nomenclature

Gruber's got a good post up on the topic du jour for most Mac blogs-- the iPhone's newly announced SDK and how its release will affect already created (and to-be-created, for that matter) web apps. I'm not sure I agree with him that web development for devices like the iPhone will be bigger than nat...

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MakeiPhoneRingtone hits 1.1, further obsoletes the ringtones racket

Rogue Amoeba has already updated their MakeiPhoneRingtone application to 1.1, in order to bring in the Cleverboy hack that was discovered the other day. If you missed it, they also posted a guide on how to turn any audio file into an AAC file with their product Fission (but don't forget that iTunes ...

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The future of Fake Steve

Man, I head out for a few days (I've been away at BlizzCon, reporting for our online gaming cousin WoW Insider), and Fake Steve got burnt. Not by us, of course-- we made a promise to not care about the identity of Fake Steve, and we still don't. But we're not the only site on the Internet, and the r...

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