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Retailer shows off new store concept via eight iPads, never gets them back

Let this be a lesson to all of you business-minded iPad owners out there: showing off your plans to clients using your pricey slate may leave you entirely tablet-less. Guampdn reports such was the case for DFS Galleria, a duty-free luxury retailer bidding for a spot in the Guam International Air...

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New iPad to be released in Philippines, Guam on May 29th

While it seems like the new iPad is available everywhere on the planet, there are still locations where it's impossible to find one. Apple has announced that the newest member of the iPad family will find its way to two new locations in the Asia/Pacific market -- the Philippines and Guam -- on ...

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iPhone 4 to launch in Guam on Sept. 24

GTA TeleGuam has announced that the iPhone 4 will be available tomorrow, September 24th, on its mpulse wireless network. Those wanting a head start can reserve one now [Ed. note: this link is now broken, sorry for the inconvenience], though GTA's website does warn, "All phones are available on a fir...

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