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Analyst ups iPad sales estimate by 30%

BMO Capital's Keith Bachman is bullish on Apple, and not in a small way. After bumping his target price for AAPL from $250 to $265 (keeping in mind that it's hovering around $227 now), he sent out a letter to clients cited by Phil Elmer-DeWitt at Apple 2.0 that explained the rationale behind the ...

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Thinksecret throws their guess in the Leopard hat: October 26th

If you listened live to our TUAW talkcast last night (and you should have, because we were on fire, if I may say so myself), you heard us doing the same thing all Apple fans are doing this week: speculating on the (hopefully impending) release date of Leopard. Most of us still hold out hope for Octo...

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