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Apple posts iPad guided tour videos

Apple has posted new "guided tour" iPad videos meant to give details of the device's features. Unlike the original promo video which was a broad overview, the guided tours get into the specifics. There are 11 videos in total, each explaining and demonstrating key iPad features, including Mail, Sa...

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Apple posts iPod touch walk through video

Apple has just posted a video walk through for the new iPod touch generation 2, which was released at the "Let's Rock" event this morning (look here for our play-by-play live blogging of the event). In the video, Hannah, an Apple employee, takes you through all of the new features on the iPod touc...

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Apple posts Japanese iPhone guided tour

With the release of the iPhone 3G, Apple will be in a completely new cell phone market in Japan. Apple recently posted a new iPhone 3G Guided Tour on the Japanese Apple website, undoubtedly to get the Japanese warmed up to the iPhone. While there are no new apparent features shown, Apple does show o...

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iLife '08 guided tour

I'm really digging these new guided tour videos that Apple seems to be fond of. First it was a series for the iPhone, and now we have a Guided Tour of iLife '08. You can watch it online or download it to your machine (and watch it full screen). The 20 minute video gives you the highlights of the iL...

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Apple posts iPhone welcome video

The teasing and tantalizing continues unabated for the iPhone faithful, as it undoubtedly will for the next 174 hours or so. The latest document of longing is Apple's newly posted Guided Tour video, available in small, medium, large and a 178MB downloadable version (your mileage may vary with the s...

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