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Hacker sentenced to 41 months for exploiting AT&T iPad security flaw

Hacker Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer was found guilty last year of spoofing iPad user IDs to gain access to an AT&T email database, and he's now been sentenced to 41 months in prison. The time was chalked up to one count of identity fraud and one count of conspiracy to access a computer without...

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Apple targeted by hackers

Reuters is reporting that Apple has been targeted in a cyber-attack. Apple announced the breach this morning, noting that malware had targeted a "limited number" of Mac systems. Reuters notes that the same hacker group is suspected of an attack on Facebook machines last week. In a statement the ...

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Suspect found guilty in 2010 iPad user info leak

Andrew Auernheimer, one of two people charged last year with leaking the email addresses of 114,000 iPad users with AT&T data plans, has been found guilty on two felony counts by a federal court in New Jersey. Auernheimer is facing 10 years for fraud and conspiracy to access a computer with...

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David Schuetz cracked the case of stolen iPhone UDIDs

Earlier this week, Blue Toad publishing confirmed that it, and not the FBI, was the source of 1 million UDIDs leaked by hacker group AntiSec. The company was tipped off by mobile security expert David Schuetz of Intrepidus Group, who spent days poring through the data and discovered references ...

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Blue Toad publishing claims itself as source of leaked UDID database

According to a report in NBC news, a small publishing company is the source of Apple UDIDs leaked by hacker group AntiSec. AntiSec and Anonymous claimed the UDIDs were stolen from an FBI employee's laptop, but the governmental agency denied that it was the source the leak. Paul DeHart, CEO of B...

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FBI and Apple separately deny being source of leaked iPhone UDIDs

Yesterday, hacker group AntiSec released 1 million UDIDs from a pool of 12 million that it allegedly obtained from an FBI-issued laptop. The group used this high-profile leak to accuse the FBI of spying on the American public. Late on Tuesday, the FBI responded to AllThingsD with its own statem...

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Hackers reportedly leak 1M iOS UDIDs (updated)

Update: The New York Times reports that F.B.I has released a statement saying there's no indication that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI sought out the data to begin with. Hacker group AntiSec claims to have 12 million iPhone and iPad UDIDs it obtained during an attack on an FBI...

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Apple to present at Black Hat conference

This Thursday, Apple is poised to do something its never done before --- give a formal presentation at the Black Hat security conference. According to Bloomberg, Dallas De Atley of Apple's platform security team will give a presentation on iOS security to the hackers in attendance. This isn't...

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RC car modded with Arduino, controlled by iPad

This is great -- developer Wannes Vermeulen has hacked a toy remote control car with an Arduino board and hooked it up to an iPad to drive it around. You can see video of the project in action over on Vimeo right now. It's not anything too special these days, as you can buy lots of RC vehicles ...

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Use iFaith v1.4 to downgrade to iOS 5.0

The jailbreakers among you are probably anxiously awaiting the first untethered iOS 5 jailbreak promised by pod2g and MuscleNerd. However, if you've upgraded to iOS 5.0.1, you'll be out of luck because the first untethered jailbreak will be for iOS 5.0 only. Nothing later. In iOS 4 and earlie...

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F-Secure reports Mac trojan poses as PDF

Security firm F-Secure has unearthed a troubling trojan for Macs that hides itself as a PDF, only waiting until the file is opened up and displaying some Chinese characters before it dives into your Mac's hard drive and sets up a backdoor control. Currently, according to F-Secure, the backdoor ...

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Ten-Year-Old Hacker presents iOS game exploit at DefCon

A 10-year-old hacker who goes by the name CyFi uncovered a new exploit in iOS and Android games. The time-based exploit lets you advance in a game by adjusting the clock on your phone or tablet. The California girl discovered the flaw while playing an unnamed farming game. Tired of waiting te...

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Forbes profiles Comex, the hacker behind JailbreakMe

The Apple world knows him as Comex, the person who developed JailbreakMe to let iPhone users quickly and easily jailbreak their devices. Now Forbes has outed Comex in a preview of an article that will be published in the magazine later this week. Comex is really Nicholas Allegra, a 19 year old s...

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Creepy profit-tracking Wario controlled by Mac

Tiburciod likes to keep track of sales of his game so he wrote a script that checks every minute for a new transaction. Instead of a simple alert, he and his daughter Helena grabbed a Wario character, a bike bell, a few spare LEDs and a smoke maker from a model train. He assembled them all toge...

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New trojan MusMinim-A written for Mac OS X

On Saturday, information security firm Sophos reported a new "backdoor Trojan" designed to allow remote operations and password "phishing" on systems running Mac OS X. The author of the Trojan refers to his or her work as "BlackHole RAT" and claims the malware is still in beta. Indeed, Sophos, w...

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