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German user turns trashcan into Hackintosh Mac Pro and other news from Jan. 14, 2013

There's little news that has yet to topple Monday's Google acquisition of Nest. So here's a look at a unique Hackintosh: a trashcan that has been repurposed as a Mac Pro, inspired by the look of the new machine. Click through to see more photos from the German user who crafted the machine. The ima...

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Quo offers motherboard to run "any OS"

Quo Computer has been making hardware capable of running OS X for years, and now, the company will soon start shipping motherboards that'll let you construct your own Hackintosh box from scratch. The new projectQ motherboards can run any OS including OS X, Windows and Linux. They will ship with...

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20" iMac G4 updated to Ivy Bridge

Apple's iMac went through several design permutations before the company settled on the current "all-in-one computer and display on aluminum arm" configuration. One of the most iconic designs was that of the iMac G4, which held the electronics of the device -- including an optical drive -- in a...

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I am become Middle Schooler, destroyer of Macs

I spent the morning dealing with the fact that my beloved daughter has killed yet another Hackintosh. It's not exactly her fault. For example, the drive outlived its years. The power connector on the device-side is broken, too. Neither one was worth fixing -- especially given the years of service ...

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A giant white iPhone table with no multitouch

German enthusiast and iPhone fan Benjamin Bachmeier has constructed a table-sized computer called the iTableous. This behemoth was entirely hand-built and runs a hackintosh version of Mac OS X 10.6.7 as well as Windows 7 Professional. Dual boot, baby! As you can see below, the craftsmanship is f...

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Hackintosh repaired at Apple Genius Bar

So, you're in Shanghai, China with your fake MacBook Air when it suddenly stops working. What do you do? Make an appointment at the real Genius Bar for the Apple Store, Pudong in Shanghai and get help. Fortunately for the man who brought the "MacBook Air" into the store, the Geniuses behind t...

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Intel announces Core 2011 processor details; hackintosh fans post benchmarks

Intel, the company that makes the processors used in every Mac currently being manufactured, officially announced the details of the new Sandy Bridge processors, otherwise known as the Intel Core 2011 processors. These are the second generation of the Core processors found in many of Apple's produc...

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Found Footage: The $900 'Mac Pro' in a cardboard box

Plato said, "Necessity is the mother of all inventions." He must have been talking about the guys at One Block Off the Grid, which is a cooperative of sorts for buying photovoltaic solar panels at a group discount. One of their staff members was running into issues trying to run Adobe After Eff...

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Psystar is dead. Long live Quo Computer

While we all know the story of Psystar, the company that crashed and burned by loudly selling non-Apple Macintosh computers with OS X installed, a much quieter and more polite company named Quo Computer seems to be doing just fine. Their mission is to get computers that can run the Macintosh OS into...

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Hackintosh-friendly Dell Mini 10v discontinued

The Dell Mini 10v, choice of netbook hackintosh owners everywhere, has apparently been discontinued as of a week ago. I discovered that today when I couldn't find any on Dell's site, and confirmed it with a live chat with a support representative who told me it was discontinued last week. A message ...

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First Look: iDisplay

iDisplay is one of those apps that you receive as a press release in your inbox and just when you're about to move on, it suddenly hits you exactly what that app does. And you go "Oh man! Yes!" In this case, iDisplay transforms your iPad or iPhone into a second monitor for your Mac. I haven't ha...

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Not getting an iPad? Don't forget the 'netbook option'

With all of the netbook hoopla, it's worth remembering that Apple really hasn't filled the need for a full-featured, really small laptop. With Steve Jobs saying that they simply can't build a cheap netbook without sacrificing quality, Mac lovers who still want one are left, quite literally, to their...

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How to: Get your 1984 Mac running Snow Leopard

Because of that, his instructions get a little technical (he actually replaced the innards rather than just trying to fit a Mac mini in there or something similarly easy). So this isn't a very good project for a first-timer for sure. But if you've got a little DIY experience, or just want to see wha...

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Hackintosh Clinic - Liveblog

Got a new Dell Mini 10v for the holidays? Looking to find a little peer support while you Hackintosh it? Grab your shrinkwrap Snow Leopard or Leopard DVD and join us for an informal clinic on getting your new system set up as a Macbook mini. If you've already finished your hackintoshing, come share ...

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Join us Friday at 2 ET for a TUAW Hackintosh Clinic

Did you get in on the recent Dell Mini 10v hackintoshable laptop deal? (Even if you didn't, that $279 regular pricing is still a pretty darn good deal.) Now that Black Friday minis are showing up at the door, TUAW is holding a live Hackintosh clinic to offer peer support and insight. Join Joachim Be...

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