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How to turn a dead iPod into an upgraded budget music player

When a beloved piece of technology dies, it's often hard to let go. We've all seen basements and closets cluttered with the corpses of burned-out hardware that once served us well. Perhaps you've got a drawer somewhere with your dead USB sticks or an iPod that's given up the ghost. Well, there's...

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Getting a 27-year-old Mac Plus onto the web

Released in early 1986 with a whopping 8 MHz processor and 4 MB of RAM, the Mac Plus doesn't have the makings of a machine meant to browse the web. But that didn't stop Jeff Keacher from amping up his trusty 27-year-old Mac Plus in an effort to get it up and running on the modern-day...

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Apple TV hacker discovers how to add custom sites on older firmware

David Schuetz, an Apple TV hobbyist, has been exploring some interesting behavior on pre-iOS 7 Apple TVs. After a bit of hacking, he discovered a way to enable an Add Site feature. This feature opens the possibility of adding custom sites to the Apple TV menu, letting him hook up a Raspberry Pi...

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How to create nested folders on iOS 7

Nested folders (or, folders within folders) are one of the most useful features of iOS 7. Unfortunately, it's more of a glitch than anything Apple intended to include, so there's no official guide from Apple on how to do it. But don't worry; we're here to help. Placing folders within folders is a...

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DevJuice: Third-party MobileDevice framework debuts

It is way early days yet, but the SDMMobileDevice project is now available publicly on github. Meant to provide an open-source, public alternative to Apple's private MobileDevice framework, this OS X project enables you to detect attached iOS devices and communicate with them. With it, you can...

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Make an SSB with Chrome on the Mac

A site-specific browser (SSB) is a great way to "package" a web app you use every day into a dockable, clickable app that maintains its own cookies, settings and preferences versus your everyday web browser config. On the Mac, the easiest way to make an SSB is via the handy Fluid app, which...

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Timed command-line screenshots

A TUAW staffer recently asked if there were a way to snapshot the exact same region of the screen over and over at timed intervals without buying third-party software. There is, but it depends on your comfort with the command line. If you're experienced in Unix scripting, read on. If not, you may...

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Six cool upgrades for an old iPod

If you have an old iPod kicking around, TechHive has some ideas that'll help you breathe some new life into these vintage devices. Each upgrade mentioned in the post are warranty-voiders, but that doesn't matter anymore because the devices are so old. The lists of mods include changing the...

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Use Siri and a Raspberry Pi to open your garage door with your voice

Siri can already be used to complete some pretty nifty tasks, including fetching sports scores or directions across town, but having the virtual assistant manipulate things in your physical space is something entirely different. As Hack A Day reports, by combining some special Siri software...

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My cheap, simple livestreaming rig: iPhone, Ustream, Zagg and Clingo

The challenge: On short notice, I was asked to stream holiday services from my wife's synagogue so that homebound congregants and college students could attend at a distance. "Sure," I said, before I really thought it through. My preferred setup for a reliable video stream would include a...

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Verizon iPad running with AT&T SIM installed

Over at the MacRumors forums, reader jsnuff1 has confirmed that the new Verizon iPad works with AT&T's 3G network. The Verizon iPad has a built-in GSM SIM slot and supports connections on the same 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands as the AT&T unit. What jsnuff1 did was to slot in an iPhone...

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Siri protocol cracked to run on any device, still requires iPhone 4S UDID

The Next Web reports that app developer Applidium, who you may remember from the VLC iOS app fracas earlier this year, has cracked the security protocols associated with Siri. Using Applidium's methods allows Siri to recognize voice commands from any device -- not just another iPhone, but also an...

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Panorama mode for camera found buried within iOS 5 code

Numerous third-party camera apps already exist on the App Store which allow users to stitch together multiple photos into a panoramic image. 360 Panorama is the best example I can think of, and it does a really good job of creating panoramas from multiple images. It seems Apple considered...

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Siri hacked to work on jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod touch

iPhone experts Steven Troughton-Smith and chpwn seem to have just gotten the iPhone 4S-only Siri working on jailbroken iPhone 4 and current-gen iPod touch units this evening. This bypasses earlier authentication issues. They tweeted their success and posted a screen shot showing Siri working...

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How to refresh OS X Lion's Launchpad contents

The young guys over at HaiTeq have been running into issues with Launchpad updating after installing software that wasn't bought on the Mac App Store. Because of this, they've figured out a workaround to force Launchpad to refresh its data base. Removing the database files from the user's Dock...

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