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AAPL closes over $600 for the first time: We respond with poetry

For the first time in history, or at least since Apple went public on December 12, 1980, AAPL has closed at over US$600 per share. The stock closed on the NASDAQ exchange at $601.10, up a whopping $15.53 (or 2.65 percent) on the day. AAPL opened at about $598 due to off-hours trading in the w...

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On the trail of Fake Steve Jobs

Everybody's favorite anonymous Mac commentator might be a little closer to becoming not-so-anonymous. If you checked out Fake Steve Jobs's site yesterday, you might have seen a short post about a marginally funny iPhone Haiku site. I've still got the post in my Google Reader, as you can see in the p...

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Widget Watch: Haiku

Check out James Burns' Haiku widget. Burns notes on his site, "I hope that you find them useful (although Id be amazed)..." It really is a totally useless widget, but a few of the combinations made me giggle, so I thought I'd share....

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