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The crapification of great iOS apps

I love physics-based games, and Fish Out Of Water by Halfbrick Studios is one of the best. Well, I should say it was one of the best, and for well over a year it brought a smile to my face on a daily basis. Today, it's simply not the same game it was, and despite having paid a buck for it shortly ...

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Halfbrick tries for a 10 with Fish Out of Water

Halfbrick Studios held a media lunch at GDC to show off its brand-new original title, Fish Out of Water. It's the company's first since the very popular Jetpack Joyride arrived a few years ago (the Australia-based studio is also known for making Fruit Ninja). As we'd previously heard, Fish Out ...

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Halfbrick teases a new game called Fish Out of Water, more coming at GDC

Halfbrick Studios has posted a quick teaser for a brand-new game on its website, but here's all we know. It's got something to do with fishing. As you can see above, the creators of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja have something wet and colorful planned for their next title, but outside of a fi...

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Jetpack Joyride goes to the dogs

Man, Halfbrick's just not giving up on Jetpack Joyride. We just recently had a huge gadgets update for the game that added all sorts of tweaks to the jetpack action, and now here's another big update, out today, that gives Barry Steakfries a canine pal to run around with. Flash the Dog is comin...

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Jetpack Joyride arrives on Facebook for free

Jetpack Joyride has followed in the steps of Halfbrick Studios' Fruit Ninja and is now playable in a free version over on Facebook. The new game is very similar to the iOS version. In fact, it's strikingly similar, given that there aren't any really new social elements, and even the gadgets (ju...

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Halfbrick working on new iOS game, 1.3 update for Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick Studios' Phil Larsen is a happy guy. Not only has his company scored a huge hit with Fruit Ninja (with over a million copies sold on Xbox Kinect alone), but the studio's Jetpack Joyride is a hit as well, garnering over 19 million across various free and paid incarnations. Halfbrick, says...

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Fruit Ninja plushies coming soon to a wrapped gift near you

Angry Birds can't have all the fun, right? Halfbrick Studios is set to embrace the iOS marketing frenzy by releasing a pair Fruit Ninja plush toys. The sensei and a smiling (or is that sliced?) watermelon in a branded headband will introduce the series. The sensei is available right now on the ...

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Daily iPhone App: Sea Stars

Sea Stars is Hothead's latest game on the App Store, and it's really good. You play as a little fish who can swim and jump through water with a touch of the screen. Your goal is to swim as far as possible while avoiding obstacles. It's quite fun and well done. There's just one big issue: The ...

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Jetpack Joyride hits 350k downloads, releases free update

I think that Halfbrick's latest title, Jetpack Joyride (formerly known as Machine Gun Jetpack), is one of the best games I've played this year, and apparently I'm not the only person who ran to pick it up -- the game has earned over 350,000 downloads in the short time it's been available. To ce...

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Daily iPhone App: Jetpack Joyride

After a few conventions' worth of teasing and a last-minute name change, Halfbrick Studios' latest, Jetpack Joyride, is available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad. I'm ready to call it one of the best iOS games of the year. Of course, I'm a big Halfbrick fan, and I think the running tit...

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Machine Gun Jetpack now Jetpack Joyride, out September 1

Halfbrick Studios has sent out a notice that they've made a name change on their upcoming iOS title. Machine Gun Jetpack (which we've been watching pretty closely here at TUAW) is now called Jetpack Joyride. Apparently the game itself hasn't changed, but the name is different -- so you know wha...

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GDC 2011: Halfbrick's Machine Gun Jetpack

Halfbrick Studios is one of my favorite developers on iOS. While they've released games on other platforms before (including the PS3 and the Nintendo DS), here at GDC 2011, they told me that "iOS development is always our focus." They've found a huge hit with Fruit Ninja, but they're not restin...

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Fruit Ninja and Max Adventure for iOS updated with new content

Two of TUAW's favorite App Store apps (and probably yours as well) have been updated with new content. Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja has a few new swords to play with, including one that plays piano music as you swipe. There are new leaderboards to fight your friends (and everyone else) on for the Cl...

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App Store price war continues, prices drop pre-freeze

I don't know what kind of criteria we need to hit to call the official start of an App Store price war, but quite a few companies have taken EA's lead from last week and dropped their app prices down in an attempt to get them on the top app charts before this week's store freeze by Apple. Pocket Ga...

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TUAW's Daily App: Age of Zombies

Halfbrick Studios is quickly becoming one of the best-loved developers on the App Store. They made a nice hit with Fruit Ninja, and I'm still enjoying their Canabalt-style Monster Dash title. Now, they've brought their PSP mini title, Age of Zombies, to the App Store, and it's another good one. ...

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