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Halfbrick's entire iOS game lineup is free today only

Prolific and popular iOS game developer Halfbrick Studios is getting a jump on the holidays by offering up its entire catalog of mobile games for free today, December 17, only. The list includes well-known names like Fruit Ninja, Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots and Age of Zombies. You can find all o...

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Daily iPhone App: Steambirds: Survival

You may remember the game Steambirds from a previous Daily App post. It's a turn-based flight simulator that plays like a board game. Instead of actually flying your planes, you move them turn by turn. It's a game about strategic positioning and planning. Now, developers Spry Fox have teamed up...

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Halfbrick's Machine Gun Jetpack updated at E3

I met up with Halfbrick Studios again last week at E3 here in Los Angeles (while most of you were watching the goings-on at WWDC in San Francisco). I got to play an updated version of Machine Gun Jetpack, the latest game in progress from the developers of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash. I saw thi...

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Fruit Ninja shirts appearing at Hot Topic

Halfbrick Studios' iOS game Fruit Ninja continues to grow -- the Australian company announced that it has inked a deal to sell Fruit Ninja-flavored apparel in Hot Topic (the clothing store at the mall that's about as tacky as it gets). The deal was put together with licensing agent HAP Consul...

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TUAW's Daily App: Fruit Ninja

We've covered Halfbrick's later game Monster Dash here in this space (and it's a good one -- I'm still giving it the occasional run-through on my iPhone), but their great Fruit Ninja title has never actually been given this particular spotlight. Let's fix that now. Fruit Ninja is a simple but well-...

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TUAW's Daily App: Monster Dash

Halfbrick Studios really made a splash with their iPhone debut, Fruit Ninja, and now they've followed it up with a little game called Monster Dash. It's a running game in the vein of Canabalt, but rather than dodging skyscraper jumps and bombs, you're fighting through pixelated monsters while sprin...

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Fruit Ninja HD gets a trailer and release date

We posted about Fruit Ninja way back when it was first released on the App Store, and since then it's become a qualified hit on the iPhone, with over a million downloads and lots and lots of kiwis and bananas slashed in half. The folks over at Halfbrick have now announced that they're bringing th...

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Enter to win a copy of Fruit Ninja from TUAW and Halfbrick Studios

I wrote about Fruit Ninja last week, and since then it's been very popular on the App Store. Creators Halfbrick Studios tell us it's sold quite well so far. The game's simple, but well-polished and a lot of pick-up-and-play fun. It's only $1, so there's no reason not to go over and get it yourself....

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Hands-on with Fruit Ninja for the iPhone

Halfbrick Studios is an Australian game developer that's done a few licensed games on other platforms before along with the App Store title Blast Off, and they're back on the iPhone today with Fruit Ninja, a simple-but-fun arcade game that has you hacking fruit in half on the iPhone's touchscreen. ...

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