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Switcher Profile: Apple's 'halo effect' claims former editor of Windows Magazine

Cult of Mac writer Mike Elgan recently detailed the years-long process that convinced him to switch to the Mac. His story is fairly typical of many switchers: Once a die-hard PC evangelist, his first Apple product was the iPod, which he appreciated for its ease of use. The iPhone eventually con...

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Mac usage surges amongst University of Virginia freshmen since 2004

According to the University of Virginia's Information Technology and Communication (ITC), which services the IT needs for most of the campus, 43 percent of first-year students at its residence halls during 2009 were using a Mac. The figure represents a continuation of a five-year trend that's seein...

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iPad stealing sales of e-readers and portable game consoles

In a balky economy with limited opportunities for people to spend discretionary income on electronics, it's not surprising that a purchase of one device -- an iPad, for example -- might keep a person from purchasing an e-reader device like an Amazon Kindle or a portable game console. A report re...

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