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Before Halo we had Marathon -- play Bungie's three Mac classics free

Mac users have always been second-string players in the world of computer gaming. For every AAA title that debuted on both Mac and Windows, a hundred games never reached for that gleaming Apple. Growing up in the '90s, I was a Windows user and never heard an end to the complaints from my Mac gamer...

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Bungie's Pathways Into Darkness comes back to Mac for free

Back before Halo was the biggest title on Microsoft's Xbox, it was actually planned as a Mac title. That's because Bungie, the game's developer, was actually a Mac game company -- they made a number of really terrific shooters for the Mac, including Marathon (which has since been released on iO...

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Bungie co-founder starts new mobile studio

You know Bungie, the game studio that developed Marathon and Halo? Well, one of its founders, Alex Seropian, is now working on a new mobile-focused project. He's one of the brains behind Industrial Toys, a start-up development studio that intends to focus on mobile titles for core gamers. "We are d...

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Halo Waypoint app available now

Microsoft is really getting busy on iOS today -- first we saw Kinectimals released for the platform, then it was the new SkyDrive app, but last week we missed seeing a brand new Halo app built for the iPhone (and presumably Windows phone devices as well). This one is a little more useful than t...

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Bungie releases free iOS app

Game developer Bungie (the folks behind the Halo series, originally scheduled for release on Mac but also the game that eventually became the keystone of Microsoft's game console) has released an official iPhone app, just in time for the company's 20th anniversary. Bungie Mobile is available fo...

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Call of Duty for the iPhone will track your World at War kills

Activision has released Call of Duty for the iPhone... but don't get too excited, it's not exactly what you think. The first-person shooter hasn't quite been ported yet. Instead, they've released a "Call of Duty: World at War companion," which instead lets you track the activity on the popular World...

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iHaloStats puts Halo info on the iPhone

This little app combines pretty much my two favorite things right now: my copy of Halo 3 and my iPhone. iHaloStats pulls all of the information from your Halo 3 matches available on Bungie's site (and if you haven't played the game, yes there is a ton of it -- every shot, grenade throw, and double...

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is fighting through enemy territory to get to the Mac

Apple Insider has some shiny new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars screens for your drooling pleasure. I have to say-- the last few Quake games (and I'll include Doom III in that list) haven't really floated my boat much. As good as the graphics look, that old id charm just doesn't seem the same with ga...

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Bungie says Mac games are still a possibility

Macworld has a quick chat with Bungie after this morning's big announcement that the company is "evolving" away from Microsoft a bit, and the good news is that a new Mac release from our favorite game developer (before they were bought out by the Evil Empire, that is) is not out of the question. Spo...

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Rumor confirmed: Bungie is free, kind of

Wow. The rumors were true -- Bungie is "evolving" its relationship with Microsoft, and "embarking on a path" to become, once again, an independent developer. Pretty amazing. Unfortunately, the press release from MS makes it sound like Bungie's not quite free and clear yet. Microsoft expects Bungie t...

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Up to 3GB of RAM in the Mac minis

Reader John L kindly dropped us a tip that Other World Computing has upped their Mac mini memory upgrades up to a whopping 3GB of RAM. And in fact, if you really want a Mini that flies, they'll even squeeze 4GB under the hood, even though they say the Mac Mini can't really handle that much. The perf...

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