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iPad covers made from children's books

This Etsy seller has come up with a really great idea for iPad cases: Make them out of famous childrens' books. Seller chicklitdesigns has taken the covers of old printings of The Giving Tree, Cat in the Hat, and even Moby Dick, and turned them into cases for iPads, Kindles, and other tablets, ...

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Handmade icon pillows given as gifts for Christmas

We've seen Apple app icon pillows before, but these are pretty excellent -- TUAW reader Dan G's girlfriend hand-sewed them for him for Christmas. That's the brand new iTunes icon on the right there (though I expected it to be a little more blue), and on the left is the Firefox icon. We won't tell h...

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iLove the iMac iLamp

Happy New Year, everybody! It's 2010, and that means we're all riding around in flying cars, shooting laser guns at each other, and we all have robot servants to do all of our work for us. Oh wait, that didn't work out as planned, did it? At least we've got this awesome lamp, which was made from th...

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Falling in love all over again with the Mac Classic iPhone case

For those of us who are old enough to remember it, the classic "smiling Mac" was the face that first made us fall in love with a boxy little beige computer. Now Colorado designer vanMourik on Etsy.com has created a felt iPhone case that brings back that first love... Available for only US$25, the Ma...

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Apple t-shirt quilt available on eBay

I don't know how comfy a quilt made out of t-shirts would be, but maybe the fact that they're all Apple t-shirts will help. That's exactly what this quilt is made out of -- it's up over on eBay right now, and while the price is only around $36 at the time of this writing, it's probably gone up sin...

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