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Hands on with Henge's Gravitas: one hefty dock, many devices

If Asimov's famous Three Laws of Robotics had been focused on a more mundane technological achievement, like iOS device docks, the first law might well have been "A dock shall not cause harm to a device, or through instability allow a device to come to harm." By that standard, the US$89 Gravitas d...

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Hands on with NimbleBit's next title, Nimble Quest

I am a huge fan, as you may already know, of the two brothers behind NimbleBit and all of their work, from the earlier titles like Scoops and DizzyPad to the much larger freemium hits they've had like Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes. The last time I talked to either of the Marsh brothers in person...

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The Artiphon Instrument 1 uses an iPhone, Engadget tries it out

Artiphon unveiled its Instrument 1 late last year when it released teaser images that hit the internet like wildfire. Now that the multi-instrument device is nearing launch, the company has given Engadget a private tour of the device at NAMM 2013. Designed and made in Nashville, Tenn., the un...

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Roundup: Hands-on with Apple's new hardware

You probably can't wait to play with all the newly announced Apple hardware that you heard about today, right? Well, you can't, at least not yet. Thankfully, there were plenty of people at the event who did get to go hands-on with the slim and sexy new gadgets, and they can't wait to tell you w...

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Engadget goes hands-on with iOS 5

Our big sister site, Engadget, had a chance to go hands-on with iOS 5 the other day at WWDC and took oodles of screenshots to enjoy. TUAW, of course, has a number of writers who also have had a day or two to grope the new iOS, but who are limited by Non-Disclosure Agreements to what they can sa...

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HBO GO for iOS lets you play over 1400 programs from just about anywhere

HBO GO allows an HBO subscriber to stream over 1400 programs on a computer with a Flash-enabled browser, but just last week, a few days ahead of the scheduled May 2nd release, HBO released the HBO GO iOS app. This free universal app is pretty amazing. If you are an HBO subscriber and your ...

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Hands-on: HipstaCase for iPhone

I'm not a big fan of iPhone cases. I got my free bumper because my iPhone showed attenuation when I bought it, and I'm a sucker for free stuff. The Apple bumper worked brilliantly when I dropped my iPhone on the pavement once -- it saved the iPhone from being shattered. But I use cases for spec...

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Preview of CaseGoods TypeCase for iPad

Sometimes the most important things you see at Macworld Expo are the things that you don't like. For example, there were a lot of iPad case manufacturers who were showing off their take on case + keyboard combos. A lot of these cases use an awkward "chiclet"-type keyboard that, in my opinion, is wo...

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Hands-on with the iPad ClamCase keyboard/stand

We've been stopping by the trailer of our sister site Engadget quite often here at CES for the excellent company (and the excellent Wi-Fi), and while we were in there the other day, the good folks from ClamCase came by to show off their product. Engadget got their own look, but we were kindly hande...

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Sparrow for Mac beta hands-on review

Sparrow is essentially what happens when Gmail and Tweetie for Mac hook up and have a baby. It's very much what Gmail should be on the Mac -- minimalist and classy. I tried out Mailplane a few months ago, but couldn't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on the purchase. I ...

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Hands on: AirPlay for audio streaming in depth

My colleague Mike Rose has already taken a long look at video streaming via AirPlay and found it a rather mixed bag. Although it works well as far as it goes, it doesn't support non-Apple apps -- even video streaming ones such as Netflix -- and can't even manage to stream video footage shot on an iP...

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WWDC 2010: Hands-on with Chopper 2

Chopper's been in the App Store since day one, and David Frampton of Majic Jungle Software is the guy who put it there. Since then it's garnered over a million downloads, he's made a number of other App Store titles (and brought the game to the Mac), and he's hard at work on the game's sequel. We...

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WWDC 2010: Interview with Moodboard developer Chris Nurre

I believe we've mentioned Moodboard exactly once on the site before, as one of Brett's picks back when the iPad first released. But it deserves another mention -- developer Chris Nurre of A Tiny Tribe (a company founded with a friend to help pay for skeleton equipment and travel) stopped by to see ...

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WWDC 2010: In the Trenches with Thunder Game Works

Thunder Game Works kindly came by to meet up with us this week at WWDC, and Michael Taylor and Kris Jones of the company behind the popular Trenches iPhone game. They shared some insight about what they saw this week, offered us a chance to see concepts of the iPad version and check out a brand new...

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TUAW First Look: Flick Baseball Pro

Freeverse has released the latest title in their Flick Sports series, and Flick Baseball Pro is now out on the App Store for $2.99. We got a quick hands-on with the game right after release, and while it's a pretty good arcade-style baseball simulation, there are a few quirks and missing features t...

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