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US carriers agree to national stolen phone database

According to a Wall Street Journal report, four of the largest wireless carriers in the US are working with the US government to create a national stolen phone database. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will develop their own databases and then merge them into a centralized serve...

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Apple iPhone edges out BlackBerry in Canada

Apple surpassed RIM as the top mobile phone manufacturer in Canada said Bloomberg on Thursday. Data from IDC and Bloomberg suggests Apple shipped 2.85 million handsets in 2011, while RIM shipped 2.08 million. This is down from 2008 when RIM out shipped Apple almost five to one....

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Mofone iPhone case puts old school grip on a new school dialer

I remember back when the iPhone was so new that you had to build your own retro handset for it, even before little companies started making their own products. But the retro handset trend has fully moved into the mainstream at this point, with the Mofone case now being sold at none other than U...

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Report suggests Apple slipping in handset rankings

Last quarter was a transition quarter for Apple and its iPhone. Sales of the 18-month-old iPhone 4 fell slightly as the company prepared to introduce the iPhone 4S. This slowdown caused Apple to slip to fifth place in the global handset market and to the number two slot in the global smartphone...

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Sony Ericsson CEO: we should have taken the iPhone more seriously

Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg talked with the Wall Street Journal about the company's mobile phone strategy. During the interview, the CEO confirmed that Sony Ericsson should have taken the iPhone more seriously when it launched. Nordberg doesn't elaborate on this comment, but it likely refer...

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Macworld Expo 2011: Altigen Communications' iFusion handset

Whenever you meet up with anyone at big conventions like last week's Macworld 2011, you eventually ask what they've seen lately that's cool. Everyone wants to know what the hottest item on the floor is, the most interesting thing to see or check out at the show. Last week, more often than not, my a...

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Native Union introduces Bluetooth handset and speakerphone for iPhones at CES

Native Union was at CES offering an intriguing lineup of handsets that'll turn your iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch into a more traditional handset-style phone. One model even morphs into a speaker for music or speakerphone. Unfortunately, audio quality was tough to gauge at the noisy show floor, s...

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iRetrofone goes steampunk

We've posted about the great iRetrofone handset base for the iPhone before -- it's really just a block of resin, but having an actual handset hooked up to your iPhone around the house makes for some pretty nostalgic phone calls. The iRetrophone's creator Scott Freeland said he would be hard at work...

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Beautiful retro handset base for the iPhone

It's the weekend, which seems like the perfect time for a groovy retro item like this one. The iRetrofone is a handset base for the iPhone that brings an old-school aesthetic to your new-school touchscreen cell phone. We've seen cool handsets before, but this one goes all the way. Any iPhone can si...

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Bloomberg: New iPhone with touch-sensitive casing coming

Bloomberg is the latest outlet to come up with some rumors about the possible new iPhone model coming this year (the iPhone, not the tablet, although doesn't it seem like the flood of tablet rumors has encouraged all kinds of Apple speculation lately?). They say that the new handset will include a 5...

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Rumor: New iPhone by April

You TUAW readers came up with a long list of features for a possible iPhone 4.0, and now it turns out you might not even have to wait too long for a new revision. A few overseas providers of the iPhone have hinted that a brand new version of the handset could be coming out as soon as April of this y...

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Rumor: Verizon and Apple are at odds over pricing on CDMA iPhone

Analyst Maynard J. Um told investors today that while the rumored Verizon/Apple deal to bring a CDMA iPhone to the big V is still on the table, it's hit a snag over a pricing disagreement. Apparently Apple is used to being paid about $700 for every iPhone sold through AT&T, while Verizon pays o...

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The iPhone's camera jumping up in the Flickr ratings

This makes sense when you think about it, but it just seems really wild to me: in the list of Flickr's most popular cameras (compiled from the metadata attached to any photos that upload to the popular site), our favorite cell phone is climbing up the ranks. In fact, it had just recently overtaken...

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NPD reports iPhone was top US handset in Q3

There's word this morning that the NPD Group's latest research shows a surprising finish for the iPhone in the 3rd-quarter sales competition among US cellphones bought by consumers; for the first time in three years, there's a new top model. The Motorola RAZR, long the most popular handset for adult...

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