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Imangi surprises with Temple Run 2: interview with developer Keith Shepherd

Imangi Studios is one of our favorite game developers: Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova are a husband and wife team that have made some great titles for iOS, including Harbor Master, Max Adventure and the company's biggest hit, Temple Run. Since going freemium (and getting extraordinarily ...

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GDC 2011: The future of Imangi Studios

The husband and wife team of Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova make up Imangi Studios, the iPhone developer behind line-drawing hit Harbor Master. We've been following the duo for a while now, and we last talked to them at WWDC, when they were pretty far along in development with a game ...

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WWDC Demo: Harbor Master

I shot some video of a preview build for Harbor Master back at WWDC, and I'll upload that to our Facebook page later, but I also shot a quick video of Harbor Master's gameplay (on the next page). If you play Flight Control -- and those who do find it hard to put down -- you will absolutely love Harb...

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