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Western Digital shows off a Thunderbolt hard drive at Macworld | iWorld 2012

Hard drive storage company Western Digital was in attendance at Macworld | iWorld 2012 last week showing off its MyBook Thunderbolt Duo setup. The unit is a two-drive box that can hook up to your Mac through the Thunderbolt port, and it's Western Digital's first entry into the protocol. As you mig...

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OS Xbox Pro is the hottest hackintosh ever

Warning: some NSFW lyrics on the music in the video above. What do you get when you combine an old Xbox with OS X and some Mac Pro level hardware? This monstrosity. Built by Will Urbina, the OS Xbox Pro is a hackintosh casemodded into an original Xbox dev kit, with some crazy hardware under the...

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Good news, bad news: WD ships first 1 TB mobile drive, doesn't fit in Mac laptops

Yes, it's a lot of storage -- but the drive's form factor won't fit into any currently available Mac laptop. (Note the update at the end of this post) I was pretty excited when the Western Digital news release hit my inbox. The new drives, the industry's first in that size for portables, have pretty...

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Seagate continues to communicate bad news

There has been plenty of confusion over the continuing saga of Seagate hard drives with firmware problems that can lead to eventual failure and data loss. We've followed the story here and here. It hasn't been pretty for either Intel or non-Intel Macs. It would have been nice for Seagate to provide ...

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New .Mac iDisk sizes gobble up drive space for those who sync

When Steve Jobs announced a ten-fold leap in .Mac storage space, most of us were generally happy to hear it; I know I was. For those of us, including myself, who have been synching their iDisk to use it more or less as an online backup drive however, this good news had an unfortunate side effect in ...

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Mac Pros gain RAID storage option

Oh Apple, you sly devil, what with all the secretly upgrading hardware and not even telling us. Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Eric Wortman, we now also found that the Mac Pro gained a RAID card option for those who need mounds of storage and a secure, redundant system with which to manage it. The card...

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Mac 101: Hide Hard Drives, CDs, etc on your Desktop

I like a relatively neat Desktop. I keep out just those items I need to access right away for my day-to-day work. It's so easy to clutter Finder, especially when you use multiple hard drives and partitions, an iPod, a memory card reader and the odd CD or DVD. An often-overlooked Finder preference ca...

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Apple-styled HD Enclosure

Wikidesign tracked down this hard disk drive enclosure which offers you some of very Apple-ish aesthetics. It's a standard 3.5" IDE/(P)ATA enclosure with USB 2.0 and 1394 support. The holes on the back are needed because it's a fan-free enclosure--which you need to take into account because this thi...

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Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Mac Compatibility

Lots of news coming out of Macworld, of course, but this one caught my eye: Seagate has announced Mac compatibility with the software for its OneTouch III Mini line of portable USB hard drives. The software offers security (password protection) and standard Backup features -- i.e. schedule backups o...

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Apple adds 750GB hard drive option to 24-inch iMac, Mac Pro

We aren't sure if this new option appeared today with the newly-updated MacBook Pro, but it's the first time we've heard of it: reader Mark S tipped us off to the availability of a 750GB hard drive option in the iMac 24-inch and the Mac Pro. The massive drive isn't available in any other iMac (they ...

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