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Apple asks judge to dismiss iTunes monopoly lawsuit

It's been a busy day for Apple lawsuit news. First, word broke that Apple has dropped a massive suit on Samsung for allegedly infringing on the iPhone and iPad's look and feel, and now we get word that Apple has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that claims iTunes is a monopoly. The lawsuit stems...

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XBMC "Camelot" update brings lots of new features

Just in case the gifts you got from your family last week didn't float your boat (no kidding, I got a Yakov Smirnoff DVD -- I love my parents, but they're not the best gift givers in the world), here's another fun present to unwrap. The folks at XBMC released a brand new version on Christmas Eve, a...

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TUAW Review: Logitech Harmony remote and the Mac

I recently obtained a Logitech Harmony universal IR remote control, and while the Harmony series is not that new, I thought it would be worth taking a look at here on TUAW. I haven't seen that much about using the Harmony with Macs, so in the following review I'll go over setting up a Logitech Harmo...

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