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Ford to offer iTunes tagging in their cars

Just as 2009 was ending, Ford announced that they'll be offering a new option in their cars for 2010: the ability to "tag" any songs you happen to hear on the radio for later purchase in iTunes. It'll be an option, so it won't come standard in the new Taurus you buy, but if you opt for the HD Radio,...

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Widget Watch: HD Radio

RadioSherpa has released an Apple Dashboard widget that streams radio stations from Boston, New York and San Francisco (they promise more are on the way), including several HD2 stations. It's pretty cool, and even displays the name of the current song in real-time before you load the stream. Note th...

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iTunes Tagging on deck for Macworld?

We first heard about iTunes Tagging back in September and it looks like it is going to make an appearance at Macworld 2008. iTunes Tagging, in case you don't recall, is the name of a method by which one would dock their iPod with an HD Radio. You hit a button when you hear a song you like and that s...

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