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WWDC 2010: Square's first steps

Square has already made a big splash with its launch -- the company, founded by Jim McKelvey, Jack Dorsey (formerly of Twitter), and Tristan O'Tierney, has created a system for accepting credit card payments through the iPhone. After a lot of secrecy and hype, the app launched on the iPad a while b...

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Beautiful retro handset base for the iPhone

It's the weekend, which seems like the perfect time for a groovy retro item like this one. The iRetrofone is a handset base for the iPhone that brings an old-school aesthetic to your new-school touchscreen cell phone. We've seen cool handsets before, but this one goes all the way. Any iPhone can si...

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Found Footage: Bose headphones grafted onto Apple inline remote

Our buddies over at Engadget turned us on to this short video, in which modder Freddy Deeble created a sonic hybrid -- a pair of Bose headphones using an Apple inline remote. If you're handy with a pair of wire cutters, a small screwdriver, and a soldering iron, then you can mimic how Mr. Deebl...

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180s Tec Stretch headphones

It is very cool here in Philadelphia, which is how it should be in the winter. If you are in a wintry place at the moment (or plan to be) and you enjoy keeping your ears warm and listening to your iPod then 180s has the product for you. Behold the 180s Tec Stretch ear protectors (don't call them ear...

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