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Jawbone acquires BodyMedia

BodyMedia, the makers of a few fitness trackers that work directly with the iPhone and other smartphones, has announced that it has been acquired by Jawbone, creators of the popular Up motion tracker and other Bluetooth headsets and accessories. Techcrunch's "reliable sources" say the deal was clo...

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The iPhone: most dangerous cell phone ever? (No.)

Is the iPhone the most dangerous cell phone ever? Dr. Joseph Mercola thinks so. He's concerned about that great modern boogeyman, cell phone radiation. But lucky for you, he's got a solution he can sell you: the Blue Tube headset. The Blue Tube headset looks to be a 2.5 mm plug hooked into a tiny sp...

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iLounge reviews Apple Bluetooth Headset

Those unstoppable cats over at iLounge (whom I am convinced are using genetically modified oompa loompas) have gone and reviewed themselves an Apple Bluetooth Headset. For $129, you get a pretty darn sleek headset that one-ups the competition by including only a single button for control (or perh...

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