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Doctors improve usefulness of iOS devices in the ER with Box.net

A group of more than 60 doctors at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., are now sharing procedures, journal articles and conversations through a unique use of Box.net's file-sharing services. A Wired article states that the system has become a valuable tool for doctors...

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Zensorium's Tinké iOS accessory monitors cardiorespiratory, stress levels

There's a new accessory available for owners of iOS devices who are looking to stay healthy and improve their tolerance to stress. While there are iOS-connected scales and blood pressure cuffs, until now nobody has looked at cardiorespiratory fitness and stress levels. That's where the new Tink...

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New medical iPad platform reduces patient check-in time

NIIT Healthcare Technologies of Orlando, Florida introduced a mobile platform that'll speed up check-in times, improve communication and help process payments for hospitals, physician offices, clinics and laboratories. Called MASH for manage, analyze, sustain and harness, the product lets pat...

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Patients using iPad to customize MRI scanning experience

As fans of the TV hospital drama House can tell you, many hospital patients aren't exactly fond of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners. They're loud, confining, and generally quite uncomfortable. Now PDC Facilities, a company specializing in products for the medical diagnostics imaging marke...

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1,800 iPads on the way to Ottawa Hospital

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is reporting that the Ottawa Hospital, which already has about 500 Apple tablets being used by health-care providers, has recently ordered another 1,800 iPads to replace paper medical charts. Doctors at the facility currently use iPads to examine X-rays, writ...

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iPad app helps you understand US health care reform

In the US, Election Day is just over two weeks away. While there are many issues people will be turning up to vote their conscience on, one of the biggest issues will be health care reform. While the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 was signed into law back in March of this year,...

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Dragon Search now available for medical professionals

Here's something that will be welcomed by the health community. Nuance Communications has released a free, medical version of Dragon Search called Dragon Medical that lets mobile physicians and other health workers search a variety of medical publications on their iPhone or iPad by just speaking sea...

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Hospitals eye the iPad for low-cost paperless records

Unless you have absolutely no imagination, you've probably noticed the resemblance of the iPad to one of those cheap little clipboards that your friendly neighborhood doctor carries around on rounds. Apple is rumored to be making its own rounds of hospitals marketing the new über-iPod touch, ha...

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