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Tag: heat

Consumer Reports puts iPad at top of the list, despite heat issue

A few weeks ago, Consumer Reports caused a stir when it claimed the new iPad ran twelve degrees hotter than its predecessor and reached 116 degrees. Now the consumer watchdog company is back to say the heat problem is not a cause for concern. Consumer Reports acknowledges the iPad gets warm, ...

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Report: Core i7 MacBook Pros running hot

Tests performed by PC Authority found a Core i7 MacBook Pro to be running very hot, climbing to over 100 degrees Celsius. The magazine had a Core i7-620M based 17" MacBook Pro on their hands for testing. While putting it through their benchmark suite, they noticed that it scored lower in Photosho...

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Christmas gifts Apple could give me

It's the Holiday Season, and over the years I have happily spent a lot of my XMAS money with our favorite fruit named company. My love affair with Apple products goes back to the venerated Apple II. I do have a couple of PC laptops in the house, and of course I can also run Vista on VMWare Fusion, b...

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Treat your batteries right

Ars Technica has a short guide up to treating your iPhone, laptop, and iPod batteries right. Contrary to popular belief, it seems the best way to wear out a battery before its time isn't spending too many charge cycles-- it's heat. Charge cycles are equivalent to normal wear and tear on batteries-- ...

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Apple TV!

I've personally noticed that Apple TV tends to run hot. So did Jason Tomczak of Digital Trends. He measured temperatures around 110 degrees Fahrenheit when first running his unit and found numerous posts at Apple's forums about its high temperature operation. So he decided to snap some thermal image...

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Kill those runaway processes

The Hacks Blog addresses two issues in one today: white hot Macs and runaway processes. As they explain, if your Mac is consumed by a stuck process that's putting the hurt on your processor, the machine will run very hot. So what does a geek do? Find that process and kill it dead. The Hacks Blog exp...

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An explanation for random MacBook shutdowns?

Blogger Martin Backschat has more or less translated a German article that takes a stab at trying to figure out what is going on with this random MacBook shutdown issue. One only needs to check out MacBook Random or comb the archives of digg and Apple discussion forums to grasp how many...

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Cook breakfast with your MacBook (just kidding)

[11/09/2011: Source link removed, as the site is no longer online.] Everyone knows that Apple's Intel powered portable lineup gets hot, but this is insane! An enterprising fellow figured out that it would be possible to actually fry an egg on the bottom of his black MacBook. Granted, it probably...

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TUAW Poll: Your MacBook/Pro experience

Yesterday, we pointed out an article at Infinite Loop that was describing yet another (allegedly) melting MagSafe connector. Many of you wrote in to state that your MacBook/Pro experience has been trouble-free. Still, the issues people are having are very real, so let's take a brief (and informal) p...

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MacBook Pro sits in 'fridge for Tiger install

Jon at was having trouble getting Tiger installed on his MacBook Pro. Specifically, the DVD wouldn't mount in his MBP, though it did work in other machines (CDs mounted without a problem, too). With his machine's temperature issues in mind, he stuck the MBP and DVD in the refrigerator, ...

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Apple pushes Intel into new direction

Apple and Intel seem to be a marriage made in heaven (it is still feels a little odd to write things like that).  Anand Chandrasekher, a senior Intel exec, has been quoted by Computer World as saying that Intel's partnership with Apple has  made the chip maker think about things it never c...

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PSA: read your MacBook user manual

Given all the recent MacBook Pro drama of late, what with overheating issues and all, it might be a good idea to peruse your MacBook/MacBookPro owner's manual one of these days to make sure you've covered the basics, even if most of Apple's care recommendations are obvious these days. Gearlog found ...

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Widget Watch: SysStat nano

SysStat Nano is a great little system monitoring widget (similar to MiniStat 2) that gives you a quick, birds-eye view of various system statistics. Your processor, used memory, hard drive usage, IP and (very handy) external IP, amongst other things, are all at the press of a key. While SysStat Nano...

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