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Fuel Burner hovers and lands

Fuel Burner is a free game currently available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. The goal of the game is to land all the helicopters in each level on landing pads marked with an "H" and landing on roofs in between to get there. By clicking on the helicopter, you ...

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How one helicopter pilot uses the iPad

In a short, but interesting article at GigaOM, writer Erica Ogg interviews her search-and-rescue helicopter pilot husband about technology in the cockpit. She talks to him about the iPad 2 and how the tablet has transformed his job. Not surprisingly, the iPad is used in everything from pre-flig...

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Griffin announces a $50 iOS-controlled helicopter

It has no built-in camera beaming video back to your iPhone, and it isn't controlled via Wi-Fi. There are no augmented reality apps that come with it, nor is there (as far as we know) a way to hack the firmware. It only has two full-size rotors instead of four. Despite all of these shortcomings...

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Police hunt down stolen iPhone in chopper

Police in Australia take iPhone theft seriously; so seriously, they will not hesitate to employ the use of a helicopter to nab a thief who has made off with one of Apple's prized mobile devices. The story begins in a hospital in Heidelberg, Australia where an iPhone was stolen from an unsuspecting w...

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Found Footage: Controlling radio control aircraft with an iPhone

Take one radio-controlled airplane or helicopter, add a Wi-Fi router and some custom software, then mix in an iPhone's accelerometer and touch interface. What do you get? An R/C aircraft controller. Joshua Ziering loves to fly radio-controlled 'copters and planes, and he describes exactly how he wen...

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First Look: Hellfire for iPhone / iPod touch

Ahhh, there's nothing quite like taking your helicopter gunship out for a spin to wake you up first thing in the morning! Astraware has announced the immediate availability of their newest action game for iPhone and iPod touch, Hellfire (click opens iTunes). This US$4.99 game puts you in the pilot'...

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