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Microsoft takes shot at Siri in new ad

Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant is an impressive addition to the company's Windows Phone software, and while Siri's update in iOS 8 will likely give Apple's digital gal the edge once again, Cortana has the lead at the moment. Microsoft decided to take advantage of its current "window" of super...

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Five social apps to help you make a decision

Anyone who knows me well understands that I hate making decisions. From what to eat to where to go on vacation, I'd rather have little to no choice in the matter. For decision-avoiding people like me, there are a growing number of social decision-making apps that let you turn to your friends or the ...

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Invalid Keynote document? Calm down and try this fix

Let's set the scene: It's Monday morning, and you've been working tirelessly all weekend, tweaking and putting finishing touches on a big Keynote presentation that you'll be using at today's board meeting. Now that it's finished, you decide to run through it one last time, just to be safe. So y...

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App alerts Singapore Red Cross trainees of local need

The Singapore Red Cross Society recently updated its Rapid Rescue iPhone app that'll help visitors and residents in distress. The app lists all 12,000 first-aiders in Singapore and lets you put out a call for help. When an SOS is requested, an alert goes out to all first-aiders within a 2 KM ra...

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circleof6 app aims to prevent sexual violence

The White House put together a competition last year to try and encourage developers to build mobile apps dedicated to helping stop sexual violence, and a winner of that competition has just arrived in the App Store. circle of 6 is that app -- it's an emergency notifier that allows anyone to ...

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TUAW Help Line: holiday gift questions & answers

The goose is cooked, the cookies crumbled, the wrapping paper thrown away and the relatives released to their neutral corners. Finally, you can get down to the post-holiday fun of setting up your new iPad, or transferring your data from your old PC to your new Mac! Unfortunately, the end of a l...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Extending your AirPort wireless

Ahhh ... Tuesday -- what a glorious day, and a perfect day to talk about AirPort wireless setups. For this week's Ask TUAW video, here's a short piece on how to extend your wireless network. We're using an AirPort Extreme, but the steps are the same for the Express. The video is in the second ha...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Migration Assistant

Today we discuss the Mac OS X Migration Assistant. Joe asks, "What's the best way to transfer my old data on my old MacBook to my new MacBook Pro without erasing new software on the MBP like the new iLife suite?" Well Joe, you and many other TUAW readers are going to learn about the Migration Assi...

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Ask TUAW video edition: Playing video formats

Hey everyone, it's week two of Ask TUAW's video edition. This week we help Nolan play a WMV file and discuss the options that are out there to play all sorts of video files. Remember, you can leave us questions in the comments! The video is on the next page. Mentioned in this video: Quic...

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Ask TUAW: Outlook 2011 attachment problems, Apple TV alternatives, deleting apps and more

Welcome back to another edition of Ask TUAW. Each week this column will feature questions from readers and answers by the TUAW team. If you have questions for the following week's column, drop them in the comments, and I will do my best to get to them. When asking a question, please include w...

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Xcode Tip: Updating your documentation

It appears that the Dev Center at Apple just updated its documentation set today. If you're using Xcode 3.2 and you want to update your documentation, you might be looking in the wrong place. Before 3.2, you used to update your documentation in the Developer Documentation window (Help > Developer...

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Ask TUAW: Recovering pictures, updating Facebook, iPhone battery life and more

Once again, it's time for another edition of Ask TUAW: the place where we try to answer all of your Mac and Apple-related questions. This week we're taking questions about recovering pictures from corrupted compact flash cards, Twitter for the iPhone, extending iPhone battery life and more. As alway...

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Ask TUAW: Preventing automounting, Exchange support, printing selections, and more

For this edition of Ask TUAW we've got questions about preventing an external partition from automounting, printing text selections, getting email from an Exchange server, syncing the Address Book with Google contacts, and more. As always, your suggestions are welcome. Questions for next week sho...

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Force help to be more helpful

Being the Kool-aid sipping, Apple fanatic that you are, I'm sure you have already updated to the latest versions of iLife and iWork, right? If you have then it's not unlikely for you to be experiencing the same kind of problem that Rob Griffiths over at Macworld is dealing with as well. Following hi...

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TUAW Tip: use the Help menu to search Safari bookmarks and history

Note: This tip is Leopard-only, sorry Tiger holdouts. The Command-? trick is easily one of my favorites among the less-ballyhooed feature expansions of Leopard. If you missed that one, it allows you to search for menu items in any application by pulling down the "Help" menu, which can be triggered...

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