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Warhammer 40K Armageddon gets details, coming in 2014

There are a couple of Warhammer-related titles on their way to iOS soon, but this is the most interesting yet. Developer Slitherine has revealed that it's working on a title called Warhammer 40K: Armageddon, a turn-based, hex-tiled strategy game coming to PC and iOS next year. The game will set ...

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HEX debuts Cross Body bag for Apple Newton (and gives away 3 Newtons)

It started as an April Fools' joke, but ended up being a really fun giveaway. Yesterday, HEX announced a limited edition Cross Body bag for Apple Newton (see video below) with a front pocket "perfectly sized for storing accessories, including the fax modem or extra AA batteries." The company ...

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The HEX Code Wallet case is nicely built, but a little too unwieldy

A few years ago, I decided to do my best to narrow down the number of things I carry around in my pockets every single day. Instead of one giant keychain with all of the keys I've ever owned on it, I cut down to two smaller keychains, one for my house and another for my car. And instead of a gi...

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HEX Academy Messenger Bag: A classy way to move your 15" MBP and iPad

HEX recently introduced the Academy line of bags and sleeves to their online store, adding a dozen beautifully-designed and well-constructed items ranging from duffel bags and backpacks to slender sleeves. The company provided an Academy Messenger Bag (US$79.95) for review, and we'll be giving ...

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Hex introduces new Icon watch bands for the iPod nano

With the addition of sixteen new clock faces, Apple pretty much put its official stamp on the idea of an iPod nano watch. Hex is ready to take advantage of the hype. The company has released a watch band for the nano called the Icon watch band (US$40), which gives you a polycarbonate way to str...

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Hex Code Wallet for iPhone 4 raises the stakes in battle of the leather wallet cases

A few weeks ago, my love for natural leather products was piqued when design shop Twelve South shipped the BookBook for iPhone 4. While the BookBook wallet case is beautiful with its distressed leather and embossed book cover appearance, I had some issues with the wallet part of the case -- bas...

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Hex watch bands for iPod nano on pre-order now

Now that's a good looking nano watch. We've covered a few iPod nano watch bands before, but to me, they've always seemed kind of cheap and hinky, more hacks than things that you'd actually wear out and about. But I really like this new band from Hex Vision -- it's a stainless steel band with a ...

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GDC 2010: Civilization V probably Mac-bound (eventually)

I've been working like crazy for TUAW here at GDC 2010 (and there's a lot more coverage yet to come), but I did take a little time for myself this afternoon and go see the demo that Firaxis is showing off here of this fall's Civilization V. The latest and greatest Civ is quite different from the pa...

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