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Netflix for iOS has second screen remote control for PS3

There's a sweet feature that's hidden in Netflix's mobile apps for iOS and Android, in the form of a remote for Netflix on Sony's PlayStation 3, Engadget reports. When you use the iPad or iPhone app to play a video while on the same network as a PlayStation 3 (also running Netflix), you'll se...

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Hidden app snaps pics of alleged crook (Updated)

Update: Josh reports that an arrest has been made and his MacBook is now in the custody of the Oakland PD. Have you seen the man in the picture at right? If you live in the Bay Area and you've seen him with a MacBook in hand, you might want to consider calling the Oakland police. Joshua Kaufm...

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Stolen Mac tracking app Hidden was free until January (Update: all done!)

Update 12/23: Who knew that ALL of you would rush over to Hidden and claim your free account? The company has had to close out the free promotion early (as of 12/23), but all registered machines will be valid. [Thanks Chris Pirillo for the heads-up] Hidden is an app that claims to help you track do...

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Get a TUAW discount on Mac theft recovery service from hidden

Apple's laptops and iMacs are attractive targets for thieves, since they're easy to move and have a good resale value. We've seen several Mac applications or services that work to help you retrieve your favorite Apple product if it is ever stolen; LoJack for Laptops (US$39.95 per year), Undercover (...

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Terminal Tips: Make hidden Dock icons transparent

Without using Exposé, it is hard to tell which Mac OS X applications are hidden and which aren't. But, with a simple Terminal hack, you can have all your application icons displayed as transparent. Simply open Terminal.app (Applications > Utilities) and type the following command exactly...

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