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Mac 101: Where'd my send button go?

More Mac 101, TUAW's series for beginners. My mom called me up last week with this question about Mail: "Where did my send button go?" Turns out she had mistakenly clicked the white chiclet (pictured) in the upper-right hand corner of her message's compose window, hiding her toolbar. When she clic...

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Smudge photos with Seashore

If you're looking for a quick and dirty way to smudge sensitive information in photos before putting them online then give Seashore a whirl. We've written about this neat little open source Mac-only app before and think it's great for basic image editing and touch-ups. To smudge parts of a phot...

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TUAW Tip: Desktopple Pro can hide idle apps

Some utilities stick to doing one thing and one thing well, while others incorporate a number of related features for those who need a little more umph. Desktopple Pro is just such a utility. As we've mentioned before, Desktopple Pro is a powerful app that helps neat-freaks and podcasters alike to h...

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Bring 'My Computer' to Mac OS X's desktop

Erica just touched on Mac OS X's ability to selectively hide drives form the desktop via the Finder's preferences, but what if you still want access to those drives? Maybe you're a neat freak when it comes to your desktop, or maybe you're a recent Windows switcher who misses the comforts of My Com...

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Dock Dodger - easily hide running apps from the Dock

We've found easy methods for hiding the icons of running apps in the Dock, but you typically have to get your hands dirty with editing files inside the app package itself. For users who prefer a more simple drag and drop operation, there's always Dock Dodger. From the same FoggyNoggin Software th...

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Hide an Icon in the Dock

The über-Mac geeks over at mac geekery answer a reader question I have often wondered about myself: is it possible to hide an application's icon so it does not appear in your Dock, even though the application is running? And the answer is yes, if you're up for a little bit of relatively easy ha...

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On TextExpander cursor positions and why the Dock hiding feature no longer works

Users of the fantastic TextExpander who are also fond of the cmd+opt+d shortcut for hiding/showing the Dock might have noticed a weird behavior with this shortcut as of late. To be specific: the shortcut doesn't quite work anymore, even in 10.4.8; pressing it will cause the Dock to hide (or un-hid...

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