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Tag: hiking

Group GPS is a great app for hikers, bikers, and those wanting to stay in touch

Group GPS (free) is one of those "Gee, I wish I had thought of this" apps. To get started, you sign up for a free account by supplying a user name and an email address. Create an activity, like 'bike race' or 'desert hike,' and send an invitation to your friends. If they don't have Group GPS, they...

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TUAW at Macworld/iWorld 2014: Kamino

Kamino is a new free app that is making its debut at Macworld/iWorld 2014. Described as an "urban discovery app", the idea behind Kamino is that people who enjoy walking or hiking around their urban homes can capture those hikes and share them with others. If you're visiting a city on vacation or...

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Lost hiker saved by iPhone flashlight app

One time when I was day hiking Mount Washington, I took a wrong turn at the top and went down the wrong way. I raced down the mountain, but still had to navigate some rough terrain for a few hours in the dark. This was the late nineties. I had a phone, but it didn't get coverage and phones back...

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5 iPhone apps for hiking

Now that the weather is cooling down here in the States, it's time to spend some time outdoors. I love a good hike, and they're made even more enjoyable with a good app by my side. Track distance, brag about your workout or even find a hidden "treasure" during your excursion with these apps. Have...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Why GPS?

Normally readers write directly to Aunt TUAW using our tips line or feedback form. But today, we're switching things up a bit. Instead, Auntie is responding to a comment left on her last post about whether you should buy the Wi-Fi only iPad or wait for the 3G version. That's because Aunt TUAW has a...

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Use your iPhone to scare a bear (right before it eats you)

Thanks to Stephen Colbert, we've become acutely aware of the dangers of bears, the "soulless, godless, rampaging killing machines" who patrol the forests of North America and prey on unwary hikers (some potentially not-safe-for-work language on that last site, FYI). Until now, your best defense...

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