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TextEdit smart links for fun and profit

I regularly create and update documents in TextEdit using both plain and rich text (RTF) formats. One of my favorite features enables me to use built-in data detectors to automatically convert URLs to clickable links in RTF documents. Data detectors work by constantly scanning the material you're ...

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iOS 7 video tip: Organizing Notification Center

iOS 7's Notification Center can be a great way to see notifications at a glance, but when every app on your device suddenly decides to join the party, things can get a little hectic. In today's iOS 7 video tip, we'll show you how to turn off notifications from specific apps or delete them from you...

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iOS 7 video tip: Deleting Messages

Did you know that in the Messages app in iOS 7 you can delete single or multiple texts from a conversation with a friend? The same gesture that enables this editing capability can also be used to forward a message to someone else. To see how it's done, check out the short video tip below and remem...

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iOS 7 video tip: See which apps use the most cellular data

Today's iOS 7 video tip comes by way of Macworld's Lex Friedman, who pointed out that the new mobile operating system includes a way of finding out just how much cellular data each app uses. This tip extends to system service data usage, and provides a way to disable specific apps from using cellu...

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iOS 7 video tip: How to view list mode in Calendar

Earlier today while Doc Rock and I were rockin' the TUAW TV Live show, I noticed a post by our editor-in-chief Victor Agreda, Jr. in which he bemoaned the fact that he could no longer get into list view for his calendar. Doc and I both figured that there had to be a way to do that, so we quickly sta...

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TUAW TV Live: Handy tips from Steve and Doc

Today on TUAW TV Live Hawaii's most famous podcaster -- Doc Rock -- is going to join me for an hour of handy tips that you may not already know about as a Mac or iOS user. If you're in the chat room -- which we hope you will be -- be sure to pipe up with your favorite tips, too! We'll also ha...

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How to enable iCal's debug menu

ZDNet (via Macgasm) has posted a couple of neat iCal tweaks that should make your life a bit easier: Enabling the debug menu and showing two weeks worth of appointments at once. The trick involves a couple of Terminal commands. To enter debug mode, use the following: defaults write I...

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Mac 101: Pronouncing Mac OS X

In our Mac 101 series, TUAW introduces basic OS X concepts to new Mac users. This is going to be a quick one, because there's not too much to it -- but it's a critical note when talking to other people in your newly adopted community. Editor's Note: Please keep your comments civil and relevant. ...

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Our favorite tips and hints for 1Password, now out on Windows and Chrome

1Password is having a big week. The Windows version has arrived at version 1.0, and Google Chrome support has been added. In addition, there are a lot of new 1Password users this week, thanks to Agile's promotion that let users give away free licenses to friends. Not using 1Password yet? New custome...

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Getting some FaceTime -- hints and tips about iPhone 4 video calls

When I ordered my iPhone 4 on June 16th for delivery in July, one of the features that I was intrigued about was FaceTime, Apple's Wi-Fi video calling application. Sure, other phones have had this feature for a while, but for me this was going to be something new. After an abortive attempt at my...

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Toy Story 3 and the Mac

One of the things I missed in the news last week due to being so busy at Macworld (along with most of the Olympics, though we did get to watch the opening ceremony at a post-show dinner) was the brand new Toy Story 3 trailer -- Pixar's latest movie has Buzz and Woody in a third adventure, and while...

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Terminal Tips: Rebuild your Launch Services database to clean up the Open With menu

Problem: Some piece (or pieces) of rogue software have cluttered up your Open With contextual menu, which you can see by right-clicking or control-clicking any document in the Finder. This problem seems to be most prevalent with virtual machines that allow you to open documents with Windows applic...

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Very useful iPhone tips

The blog Tap Tap Tap has posted a wonderful list to 10 iPhone tips and tricks you should know, including taking a screenshot (here's our how-to on that trick), enabling caps lock and customizing the home button's function. Definitely check it out. While we're on the topic, here are a few of our own ...

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Mac 101: Using the Up Arrow in Finder

It's no surprise to most Mac users that you can use arrow keys to navigate through Finder windows. Arrow-key presses work in all three window styles: icon view, list view and column view. What many new Mac users don't realize though is that there are Command versions of these arrow keys. When viewi...

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iPhone Coding: Recording Audio

Yesterday, I figured out how to record audio on the iPhone. Today, by popular request, I'll go through the how-to part. And, for those of you paying close attention, I've updated the application with lots of nice new features. For those of you playing along at home, here are the basics you'll need ...

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