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Time Magazine cover image shot with iPhone: interview with Ben Lowy

Ben Lowy is what photography professionals call a "conflict photographer." He goes where the dramatic stories are, and in recent years has been to Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and now to the US states knocked hard by Hurricane Sandy. His equipment of choice? Often it's an iPhone 4S, plus some iOS app...

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Synthetic cuts development staff, refocuses business

Even though Synthetic is still actively launching products, the makers of Hipstamatic have cut its core staff as it tries to refocus on the future. The company has dropped to five employees, and those let go received full severance packages, The Next Web reports. It initially reported that Synt...

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Hipstamatic's Snap is a beautiful magazine worth having on the iPad

One of the best places to show off sumptuous design and photography is the iPad, and Hipstamatic is taking advantage of that with its new Snap magazine, a digital publication that combines Hipstamatic user pictures with print and other art that's completely free. AllThingsD billed Snap as a p...

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Hands-on: HipstaCase for iPhone

I'm not a big fan of iPhone cases. I got my free bumper because my iPhone showed attenuation when I bought it, and I'm a sucker for free stuff. The Apple bumper worked brilliantly when I dropped my iPhone on the pavement once -- it saved the iPhone from being shattered. But I use cases for spec...

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HipstaCase iPhone case perfect for Hipstamatic hipsters

The folks behind the Hipstamatic iPhone app are ready to let you take the old-school camera vibe all the way. They've introduced a Hipstamatic iPhone case called (what else?) the HipstaCase, and while it isn't quite as functional as that concept Leica iPhone case we posted the other day (it's p...

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Infinicam gives you a boatload of filters for your iPhone images

It's been almost a year and a half since I took a look at CameraBag, an app that allows you to filter your photos, mimicking classic film cameras from days gone by. Now the creators of CameraBag have stepped the game up with Infinicam. The app can generate an almost unlimited amount of filters to ap...

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Pro Australian photogs have a go at the iPhone camera

There's no question that photography with the iPhone is really catching on. Now, with iPhone 4, the camera quality is up, and people seem to be using it more and more for pictures they want to keep instead of casual snaps. A pro group of photographers, the ACMP (Australian Commercial and Media Ph...

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TUAW's Daily App: Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic isn't a new app, but it is worth a look if you've never seen it before. It replicates the look and feel (and functionality) of those old point-and-click and even toy cameras that you might have carried around as a kid (depending on your current age of course). Nowadays, we can capture t...

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