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Apple to improve Notification Center with fresh talent

Apple is looking outside its ranks and hiring a college student to help revise its iOS notification system. This isn't any college student. The new hire is Jan-Michael Cart, the whizkid who created a clever mocked up Notification Center redesign and then posted it to YouTube. Cart will join App...

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Yahoo data center head Scott Noteboom joins Apple

Apple has picked up the former head of Yahoo's Global Data Center Infrastructure, Scott Noteboom, according to his LinkedIn profile. Noteboom's been with Yahoo since back in 2005, but now lists his job as working at Apple as a "Distinguished Gentleman" (a well-earned title, obviously, though pr...

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Ngmoco hires Ben Cousins, creates ngmoco Sweden

Ngmoco has picked up former EA developer Ben Cousins, the man behind much of that company's free-to-play services at the EAsy division. He will establish a new studio under ngmoco called ngmoco Sweden, which will create games and content using ngmoco's (and parent company DeNA's) services and p...

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David Rice heading to Apple as global security lead

Apple has hired David Rice, executive director of the Monterey Group and faculty member with IANS, as its global director of security. It's the latest in a series of high-profile security hires for the company. Former Mozilla security chief Window Snyder was hired as a senior security product manger...

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