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Battle of the Bulge teased for iPhone

Developer Shenandoah Studio has teased an upcoming release of Battle of the Bulge for iPhone via Vine, of all things. You can watch the full (six-second) video below. As you can see above, the studio's great strategy is definitely coming to the iPhone. Shenandoah notes that the update will make t...

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Natural Motion on track to make $12 million a month with CSR Racing, acquires dev team Boss Alien

NaturalMotion started off working on a state-of-the-art physics system for consoles, but the since company moved to iOS, it's found a lot more monetary success, putting out seven top-grossing games. Now the company has reportedly found a bonafide hit. CSR Racing was released on the App Store on...

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TUAW's Daily App: Tiny Wings

Some games and apps picked for our Daily App become hits after they get selected, but others sort of pop out of the App Store as fully-formed hits already, and we just follow along. Tiny Wings is one of the latter. It's already a huge hit, having beat out Angry Birds for the top paid spot on ...

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Flight Control HD live on the iPad

If there's a breakout game for the iPad already, it's probably Flight Control HD -- the game was announced a while ago (we talked about it with Firemint back at GDC), but the title has stayed in the top 10 pretty consistently since the iPad's App Store went live yesterday. Firemint has finally dr...

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Rock Band on iPhone is a hit

Disgruntled TUAW commenters, I'll save you some time: "OMG Mike of course a game powered by EA and one of the most popular franchises of all time is a hit. Try reporting some real news!" But not so fast -- Rock Band, which hit the App Store top 10 and conquered the Top Grossing list just days after ...

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Get your own SmackBook Pro

Remember Scott's 'Smack your MacBook Pro' post from yesterday? It looks like Scott got his wish: now you can go a step further and get your own SmackBook Pro. That's right boys and girls, for the low low price of nothing (all code is released under the GPL), you too can have your very own smackabl...

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iSale 3.1 adds eBay interactivity, prepares for upcoming site changes

iSale, the application our own Scott McNulty dubbed 'the Delicious Library for eBay auctions', has been bumped to version 3.1 with some very useful site interactivity and significant changes under the hood. iSale 3.1 can now relist unsold auctions and allow you to watch how many people have looked...

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